8 Essential Landscaping Tools Your Business Needs

28 Dec 2023
8 essential landscaping tools your business needs

If your property has any kind of landscaping on the premises, you should have tools on hand to help with the maintenance, whether you have a row or two of planters or huge landscaped areas with lighting, seating areas, and gardens for people to walk through. 

Having the right tools available at all times helps to keep everything pristine and growing well for your clients and employees to enjoy all year round. 

The size of your property will determine what you need. However, understanding what is available and who it helps is a great first step.

1. Lawn mowers

There is a wide range of lawn mowers on the market, from ride-on to battery-powered and gas-powered machines. 

Each mower is specifically designed to cater to different landscapes to make your life easier. With settings to cut the grass evenly at a specified height (even collecting the clippings as you go) and lightweight enough for uneven lawns, cutting the grass couldn’t be easier. 

Lawns need to be properly mown on a fairly regular basis in order to remain healthy. However, you need to avoid cutting the grass too short as this will damage it, so make sure to have the right mower for your lawn.

2. Chainsaws

Whether gas or electric-powered, a good chainsaw on hand will help clear away fallen trees and debris after a storm or aid in some landscaping renovations. 

Both electric and gas-powered chainsaws work extremely well and are versatile. It depends on your needs and frequency of use as to which you would require most.

Smaller landscaped spaces would benefit from electric-powered chainsaws, whereas the larger areas with bigger trees would require a gas-powered model. Gas-powered chainsaws allow more freedom of movement, especially if you have to traverse up a large tree.

3. Hedge trimmers and shears

If you have shrubs, bushes, or bushy-type plants, having a good set of hedge trimmers and shears in the garden shed allows you to trim and shape a lot easier than ordinary scissors. 

With electric hedge trimmers on the market, as well as sturdy and sharp shears, you can neatly tidy up loose branches that grow away from the rest of the plant. Or, you can try your hand at creating animal-shaped hedges with these tools.

4. Trimmers, brush cutters, and clearing saws

With all the hard work that takes place at ground level, the last thing you want to do is crawl along in the dirt on your hands and knees. 

Whether electric or gas-powered, you should consider investing in trimmers, brush cutters, and clearing saws, which will save you time and joint pain. With long shafts, keeping the sharp blades away from you and close to the ground, and comfortable handle grips near the small engines at waist height, you can work quickly and efficiently.

From helping to trim borders and edges along walkways, around planters, or near borders to allowing you to trim the grass on uneven ground that the lawn mower misses, these machines allow you to pay attention to the fine details that clients may notice.

5. Augers and drills

Augers and drills are typically associated with ice-fishing, allowing you to cut through the ice in a safe manner, and only to certain depths with the fixed blade lengths. 

However, these tools also prove to be invaluable in a landscaping setting, helping to aerate compacted soil, or drilling downward to allow consistent water flow to prevent a build-up, which can cause root rot or over-saturation in places.

6. Concrete cutters

While uncommon, especially if you have teamed up with a professional landscaper, there may be times when you need to remove or repair harder materials, such as concrete. 

Cut quick saws—or concrete cutters—while heavy to handle, have extremely sharp blades that quickly break up and cut through these materials efficiently and effectively.

7. Proper tool and fuel storage

For gas-powered machines, the right care and maintenance should be a priority to ensure that they continue to operate properly.

The right fuel, oil, cleaners, and even gas cans for storage will help extend the life of these tools and, subsequently, that of your landscaping. Knowing if a machine needs regular gas, or a gas and oil mix, is also important. 

The correct storage for your tools during winter will necessitate the need for the right cleaners. Undamaged and rust-free gas cans will further extend the fuel’s life.

8. Other tools

Once all the hard work has been done, the cleanup begins. However, this is not limited to just the aftermath of landscaping. In the fall, it’s essential to keep fallen leaves off the walkways so people don’t slip, and in the winter, clearing the snow becomes a priority.

Thus, other tools like blowers, vacuums, sprayers, power washers, and snowthrowers all play a part in cleaning your property and are crucial depending on the season.

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