Snow Removal

Commercial Snow Removal and Ice Management Services

Peel Exterior Maintenance Inc. has been providing reliable snow removal and ice management services to commercial clients for over 30 years! We have stood the test of time and, today, maintain hundreds of thousands of square feet of commercial, industrial, institutional, and condominium properties in the Halton and Peel Regions.

Our approach to winter maintenance is collaborative, proactive, experience-based and technology-driven. It involves developing an effective plan, early, for prompt, safe snow removal and de-icing services for each property we service. It requires regular site visits to ensure the safety of roadways, parking areas and hardtop surfaces. It relies on a live dispatcher, industry-specific software and GPS technology to manage our trained crews, to monitor our extensive fleet, to ensure clear and regular communications with team members and to access and record real- time on-site reporting.

Live Dispatcher

  • Around-the-clock monitoring
  • During storms, our live dispatcher will manage the service schedule and be a central resource for our customers and employees

Technology Driven

  • Industry-tailored software ensures clear and constant communication with our crews
  • Real-time reporting is saved and available for review, including pictures, notes, weather information, and more!

GPS Tracking

  • All vehicles and heavy equipment in our fleet are equipped with GPS tracking devices
  • Historical GPS reporting is accessible for up to 4 years

Weather Monitoring / Storm Tracking

  • Let’s face it, the weather can be hard to predict! That’s why we rely on multiple paid subscriptions to specialized weather tracking applications
  • Rest assured that we are constantly monitoring changes in weather activity throughout the season

Responsive, Experienced & Proactive Team

  • We bring to bear over 30 years of experience in snow removal and ice management
  • All team members are trained and outfitted with the materials and equipment necessary to get the job done right
  • Our teams meet regularly, including prior to every storm, to ensure scheduling, staffing and the on-site operational plans meet the requirements of the weather event at hand


  • Our customers choose Peel because we have been doing this long enough to know that service and reliability win the day
  • We are an organization focused on customer service – which to us, necessitates listening to and understanding customer concerns, being responsive and being flexible
  • We understand that service needs may evolve over time and we take pride in being nimble enough to tailor our services to meet your needs as and when they change

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We pride ourselves on our commitment to the customer experience and know we have the people, the equipment and the experience necessary to deliver on this commitment.  We would be thrilled to add you to our long list of valued customers and look forward to starting the conversation today!

Why Choose Peel Exterior Maintenance?

We’re committed to maintaining an organized delivery of snow removal services in Georgetown. Our team is experienced in keeping commercial spaces ice-free, accessible, and safe. We recommend booking early to ensure we have room on our caseload.

For more information on Peel Exterior snow removal services in Georgetown, give us a call at 1-888-265-7214.