Snow Removal


At Peel Power Equipment, you can depend on us to bring the best products and services to our customers. We specialize in the rental of top-notch tools and equipment, so you can get the job done quickly and efficiently. Our highly trained team is experienced in finding the best tools and equipment for the job. We offer trusted advice to help you complete your jobs on time and budget. We understand that whether you are working on your own home, or are a contractor specializing in landscaping projects, you might work on one-off projects that require specialty tools and equipment. And sometimes tools and equipment breakdown unexpectedly. It doesn’t always make sense to invest in a new tool you’ll only use occasionally, or in a piece of equipment that’s being repaired. That’s why we offer rentals, providing the tools and equipment you need when you need them!

Why Rent Power Equipment?

Power equipment can be quite costly. If you won’t get regular use out of the equipment, it may not make sense to invest in it. There are ongoing costs to owing your own equipment, including regular repairs and maintenance and, of course, storage. However, when you rent power equipment, you can put more money towards the things that matter. This includes quality workmanship and superior materials.

Advanced Technology & Expertise

With the right tools, your projects are completed more easily. We believe in continuous training to ensure we are up to date on the latest power equipment available. By understanding the best tools and equipment, we can offer advice on what tools will help you get the job done safely and effectively. Our goal is to constantly discover the tools that will improve handling and performance to make your projects run without a hitch. If you aren’t sure which tools are best for the job, our team is ready to assist. Once we understand your needs, we can also provide some perspective as to when it might make sense to purchase the equipment, versus renting, which will depend on a number of factors including the scope of any project work as well as future and/or recurring needs.

Peel Power Equipment Rentals

At Peel, we understand your equipment and tools reflect the jobs you most commonly complete. However, when projects arise that require specialty tools, you might not necessarily have the budget or the desire to purchase them. Whether you are working on a DIY project or your customers have special needs, having the right tools to complete the job should always be top of mind. From prepping lawns for lush green grass all summer to clearing a spot of land to build a gazebo, we’ve got you covered with a long list of tools and equipment available for rent, including:

Lawn and Garden Equipment

Aerator Backpack blowers Handheld blowers De-thatcher Hedge trimmers Lawn mower – push behind Lawn mower – commercial self-propelled Pole pruner Fertilizer spreader Top dresser – walk behind Trimmers

Construction Equipment

Chainsaws Ditch Pro 3-Pitch Gas-powered drill Generators Hammer drill Wet saw Landscape rake Quick cut saws Tampers

Miscellaneous Equipment

Wood splitter Manual post-hole shovel Muck truck Wheelbarrow Roller Rototiller Stone cart Ball cart Stone vacuum Seed drill Seed drill PTO Power sweeper

Before you start your next project, give us a call, and we can recommend the tools for your project. We also specialize in contractor rentals providing the specialty tools your business needs to offer the best service to your clients. Whether you are a DIYer or contractor, we can work with you to deliver your equipment, if required, to your job site and pick it up when the job is finished. You don’t have to take time away from your busy schedule to get the equipment you need.

Request a rental right now and receive a 5% discount

We pride ourselves on our commitment to the customer experience and know we have the people, the equipment and the experience necessary to deliver on this commitment.  We would be thrilled to add you to our long list of valued customers and look forward to starting the conversation today!

We take on a limited number of clients each year to ensure that each property we maintain is up to our high standard of care.

To meet customer expectations, we develop snow control plans to quickly and efficiently de-ice each property.

Our experienced snow removal team stays on top of weather reports all winter long.

To guarantee our clients receive ice and snow-free workspaces year-round, we operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Peel Exterior Maintenance uses the services of a live dispatcher to monitor client calls.

We use a combination of radio dispatch instructions and portable GPS systems to get our team where they need to be.

Why Choose Peel Exterior Maintenance?

We’re committed to maintaining an organized delivery of snow removal services in Georgetown. Our team is experienced in keeping commercial spaces ice-free, accessible, and safe. We recommend booking early to ensure we have room on our caseload.

For more information on Peel Exterior snow removal services in Georgetown, give us a call at 1-888-265-7214.