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Commercial landscaping is a comprehensive service that is focused on upkeeping the frontage of a business. This comprises both softscaping (e.g., planting, mulching, pruning, sodding, etc.) and hardscaping (new stonework, including interlocking pavers, curbs, walls etc.). We would work with you to implement your design ideas, leveraging our team’s experience in enhancing exterior commercial landscapes.

We can help you to create an attractive landscape. We will examine your property, observe what needs to be done and work with you to settle on the right measures to improve your curb appeal.

Landscaping Services Offered by Peel Exterior Maintenance

Peel Exterior Maintenance takes on a limited number of clients for our snow removal services in Georgetown each year. It’s important to us that each property receives high-quality snow and ice maintenance year-round.

We offer the following commercial landscaping services in Georgetown:

Project management

  • Experienced in managing all aspects of your landscape construction project, from beginning to end. There’s nothing we haven’t done and we have a strong network of industry contacts we can leverage when there are specialists and/or subspecialists which are required.


  • Fertilizing, mulching, edging, pruning, shaping, cutting – you name it! We excel in softscaping and keep up to date on the latest trends. While we’re great at taking direction, we can also provide helpful insights.


  • We have the experience to perform hardscaping work directly, but tend to work closely with a network of contractors which deal through our landscape supply depot. We don’t compete with our depot customers, but would be happy to discuss your particular needs in this regard and, one way or another, can ensure you get the help you need to transform your property’s look and feel.

Large project management

In commercial landscaping projects, there are specific aspects that must be adhered to during its completion. Identifying and understanding project specifications, budgets, and aesthetic preferences is fundamental. Additionally, comprehending and obeying city bylaws and requirements is also vital while undertaking landscaping designs.

Peel Exterior Maintenance offers commercial landscaping project management to ensure that every element of your project is executed correctly. We work efficiently to manage and organize all details of your project, including working alongside contractors, architects, and other skilled workers to ensure success.

Water feature installations

Water features make an exceptional addition to any landscape. It’s a distinctive feature that can charm and fascinate anyone admiring your outdoor setting. It imparts a sense of calm and creates a very enchanting experience that is quite captivating alongside beautiful plants.

We proudly offer this service if you want to install water features as a part of your outdoor escape. Not only will we install it, but we will also help you to find the best ornamental accent to match the aesthetics of your garden.

Lawn and turf care

From turf care to lawn maintenance, we can help you to take care of these areas. Every outdoor surface requires special upkeep, and we are equipped with the right skills and tools to help with its maintenance. We know that taking care of these outside areas can be challenging, especially as weeds begin to sprout, and the grass grows rapidly.

However, with adequate watering, mowing, weeding, and other lawn and maintenance techniques, we can have your lawn or turf looking its best. We offer a range of services to keep it in optimal shape.

Installing irrigation systems

Commercial properties often have large gardens or vast fields of grass. With these grander areas, ensuring that each section receives a sufficient water supply is critical in maintaining its condition. In many instances, enough water is not provided. An irrigation system can help to render a daily supply of water, without the physical demand of watering these areas consistently.

Peel Exterior Maintenance. installs irrigation systems. Our experts understand the importance of watering greenery. It helps plants receive the nutrients they need to flourish. We can assist if you are looking for this service as a part of commercial landscaping.

Maintaining and upkeeping irrigation systems

Installing irrigation systems is a skillset that we possess in addition to many others. Not only do we install these systems, but we are also capable of maintaining them. As with anything else, problems can arise that impact its overall performance. Issues such as blockages that can lead to poor water distribution are often the main concerns.

With our expertise, we work diligently to minimize any onset of issues and limit the potential impact of a poor working irrigation system. We will keep your water supply flowing so that it can adequately nourish and hydrate your outdoor space.

Insect management

Many insects have an affinity for plants. Although some insects can be quite beneficial for the fertilization and growth of certain flowers and shrubs, they are not helpful when they begin to impact their health. When they start to overtake and affect the wellbeing of plants, they become pests.

Here, at Peel Exterior Maintenance, we offer insect management services to control the population of insects. We implement the correct procedures to ensure that insects do not become an overwhelming issue. Our vigilance, best practices, and management options help with outdoor pest control.

Tree and shrubbery maintenance (pruning in spring, covering in winter)

Our professionals are trained to examine the condition of trees and shrubbery correctly. We will accurately identify the types of services that are required to preserve the life of these plants. So, whether it requires trimming or pruning in the spring, preventative treatment for insects and diseases, or proper coverings in the winter, we can help.

Employing all of these measures, along with others as required, will help to preserve the vitality of these plants. At Peel Exterior Maintenance tree and shrubbery, maintenance is a part of our services. For commercial landscaping, consider us.

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How Do Commercial Landscaping Services Benefit You?

Investing in commercial landscaping services from Peel Exterior Maintenance provides many advantages. The most common benefits of partnering with Peel include:

  • Aesthetic pleasing, well-cared-for space
  • The longevity of plants and trees
  • Landscape project management from beginning to end
  • Less time spent organizing landscaping duties
  • Affordable long-term lawn and garden care
  • Regular snow removal
  • Reliable, trustworthy service
Seasonal Services From Commercial Landscapers

Georgetown, Ontario, is known for its beautiful gardens, green foliage, and bright, colourful business district. In the summer, we offer a range of services for commercial landscaping in Georgetown. During these warmer months, there is notable plant growth. It is the perfect time for cutting, pruning, watering greenery and removing obstructive weeds to improve the appearance of your business’ frontage.

To sufficiently maintain the upkeep of your property, services such as mowing, mulching, planting and other beneficial maintenance services are also offered. At Peel Exterior Maintenance, we work assiduously during the summer to keep the exterior of your property in marvellous shape.

However, in the winter, we see an increase in snow and ice, which makes it important for commercial landowners to maintain greenery properly. For snow removal services in Georgetown, there’s no better service than that of a commercial landscaper.

At Peel Exterior Maintenance, we understand the delicacies in managing landscaping during the winter months. From properly salting walkways and parking spaces to covering shrubs and greenery to protect it from the frost. For fast and reliable snow removal services in Georgetown, look no further than Peel.

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