Commercial Snow Removal and Ice Management Services in Mississauga

Snow removal and ice management services in Mississauga

Winter snowstorms can affect both large and small businesses alike. Furthermore, Canada is no stranger to record amounts of snowfall.

When it comes to construction and maintenance services, companies need to rely on a business they can trust to ensure customers can continue to enter safely through the front door. Delays in snow clearing can cost money and pose a safety hazard to clients and employees.

Peel Exterior Maintenance is dedicated to providing an exceptional customer experience. We know that it is frustrating for businesses to wait for parking lots and pathways to be cleared. Fortunately, there is a better way to create a more efficient system.

By being proactive in our approach and using the latest technology, our team can track weather changes and adjust schedules accordingly. Each vehicle and driver in our fleet comes equipped with exactly the right tools necessary to complete the job. It allows us to prepare for what is ahead and to ensure a prompt response for your business.

Benefits of Commercial Snow Removal

Prompt snow removal ensures that sidewalks and parking lots are cleared of ice and snow. This prevents customers and employees from experiencing an accident. Without enlisting the services of a snow removal company, owners are stuck doing this task themselves.

There are several benefits to hiring a snow removal company which include:

Quick Snow Removal

Removing snow isn’t an easy task for a commercial property. It isn’t one that most owners want to do themselves or can physically do.

Removing ice and snow can take one-half hour to several hours to remove. Professionals can complete it in a fraction of the time.

Improved Safety

Ice and snow can be dangerous no matter what age you are. Professionals can assist you in keeping people safe and prevent owners from injuring their backs or losing their balance.

Great Results

Shovels leave a layer of snow and ice in their wake. It can be difficult to remove. Professionals use the best equipment to remove all traces of snow and ice, ensuring everyone’s safety.


Managing a business or property is time-consuming. Most people don’t have the time to spend clearing snow. Professionals can save you money and time.

Clean Appearance

Snow can create a beautiful landscape. Yet, it becomes unattractive the more people walk through it. Professional removal companies provide nice clean-ups providing for a superior curb appeal.

Right Equipment

Professional companies use the latest technology to provide an effective and efficient job. They make sure it is properly removed.

Safer for Your Property

Investing in an expert decreases the likelihood of property damage. Appropriate care is taken in cleaning parking lots, sidewalks, grass and ensuring no damage occurs to buildings.

Done During Business Hours

To personally remove snow, you need to clear your property before the store opens. Professionals can take care of snow removal for you.

Less Liability

Property Managers are accountable for accidents occurring on their property if not properly removed. Accidents can be avoided by hiring a professional.

Additionally, companies can avoid fines municipal corporations can charge if it is not properly done or done on time.

Why Choose Peel Exterior Maintenance for Snow Removal and Ice Management

Peel Exterior Maintenance has over 30 years of experience in commercial exterior management. As mentioned, we incorporate the latest technology, thereby decreasing customer wait times. Our fleet is equipped with the latest equipment necessary to do an exceptional job clearing ice and snow.

We incorporate a GPS tracking unit allowing us to know where each vehicle is located. Our software makes communication with our team clear, concise, and constant. Reporting is done in real-time and equipped with pictures, notes, and more.

At Peel Exterior Maintenance, we know that the key to repeat business resides in reliability and service. We listen to our customer’s concerns, remain flexible, and are always responsive.

Commercial Snow Removal and Ice Management Services We Offer

We provide many services when it comes to ice management and snow removal. By being proactive, our fleet remains ahead of the game no matter what Mother Nature throws at us. We ensure that you are satisfied each time we clear your property.

Live Dispatcher

Providing 24/7 monitoring, live dispatchers manage our service schedules providing a centralized resource for employees and customers.

Technology Driven

Our industry-tailored software provides constant and concise communication with team members. Reporting is done in real-time, is available to be reviewed, and is saved. It includes notes, images, weather information, etc.

GPS Tracking

All heavy equipment and vehicles contain GPS tracking. Historical reporting is accessible for four years.

Weather Monitoring/Storm Tracking

Weather is difficult to predict. Therefore, in anticipation, we have incorporated several paid subscriptions to weather-tracking applications. It enables us to remain ahead of the storm as we are constantly monitoring weather activity changes year-round.

Responsive, Experienced & Proactive Team

Experts in our fleet are trained and provided with the latest equipment and materials to provide an excellent job for your commercial property.

Teams meet regularly, in addition to before each storm. Regular meetings ensure staffing, scheduling, and on-site operational plans meet upcoming weather requirements.


Our commercial clients select Peel Exterior Maintenance for two reasons: our years of experience and dedication to customer service.

Good service involves hearing customer concerns, using flexibility, and being responsive. Reliable service always results in happy returning customers.

We know services can change over time. We pride ourselves in being adaptable enough to trailer services to meet our customer’s needs when and if they change.

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