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7 Best Snow Removal Tools and Equipment

19 Dec 2022
7 best snow removal tools and equipment

It can get extremely tedious and difficult to shovel the snow off your driveway by yourself. Every winter, thousands of Canadians face the inconvenience of shovelling the snow after a heavy snowstorm. Since most people have to do the shovelling themselves, it is wise to choose the right equipment because it is crucial to have the right tools while shovelling.

For personal use, you will not need a giant snow plow which clears city roads. Other, more straightforward tools can do the job. From snow blowers and snow throwers, you can choose from plenty of options available in the market. It is important to note that specific equipment will work better in heavy snow, and others will be best suited for icy conditions. Let’s quickly look at some of the options you can use for shovelling your driveway and walkway during winter.

Ergonomic Snow Shovel

Basic snow shovels clear out moderate to light snow from residential properties like driveways and walkways. An ergonomic shovel is a tool that is easier to use when you need to lift it often, thereby minimizing the bending while removing snow. 

Most people who shovel snow usually prefer getting more than one snow shovel so that they have a sufficient number of them for more than one person to dig at one time. Homeowners who prefer DIY snow removal require a shovel of hard plastic or metal. In most cases, people have both options ready depending on the icy conditions to optimize the sturdiness of the shovel’s material while doing the job.

While shopping for snow shovels, make sure you get ones with bent handles to reduce back strain. Aside from that, they should have functional levers to release the wet slush that usually sticks to its base; it usually comes as an add-on. 

If you have a long driveway, consider buying a sleigh shovel to speed up the removal process. A snow sleigh shovel comes with a deeper, more angled blade. It has a higher and much better capacity than the traditional shovel. 

Ice Scraper

Ice scrapers are handy for removing the ice from frosted windows and car windshields. Opt for a long ice scraper that helps you to reach the high and difficult-to-reach points. Suppose you have a big jeep or vehicles with big windshields. In that case, it may get difficult to reach the entire surface effectively, and it will need easy access to scrape ice at every corner using a regular ice scraper. Therefore, you should always keep a long-handled ice scraper in your toolbox. 

Ice Melts

Ice melts are not an entirely essential tool but are extremely useful and offer a preventative solution. It is sprinkled in and around the driveways and pathways to prevent slipping due to ice accumulation. 

Consider these more like a prevention tool for the people to ensure that no one slips and has accidents on their property. This also saves you from having to scrape off accumulated ice if there is less snowfall. 

Roof Rake

Roof rakes are plastic sheets installed on a long pole which gently push off the ice dams from the roof. Ice dams form when the snow accumulated over the roof melts halfway and then freezes again. 

It is best to get rid of ice dams as early as possible, as they can damage the gutters and the roof. Therefore, it is always preferable to use a roof rake and remove it when the snow buildup is visible right after a snowstorm. 

Using a long roof rake prevents utilizing a ladder to reach the roof. This device is necessary because it is dangerous to walk on a slippery roof after a snowstorm. To minimize the risk, all homeowners must immediately add this basic yet essential tool to their kits as soon as possible.

Snow Thrower

Like snow blowers, snow throwers are upgraded, more advanced machines with better clearing width, more horsepower and are slightly costly. Many snow throwers work as a single-staged model and are less refined than the others.

Snow throwers perform better than snowblowers in getting rid of light and fluffy snow as they are less powerful. They work by gathering snow, expelling it from a chute using a horizontal spinner, and tossing the snow from more than 15 to 25 feet away.

Snow throwers clear almost 20-plus inches of snow in one go and are used for walkways, sidewalks, or small driveways. They’re available in corded electric and cordless, rechargeable or battery-operated models.


Regarding machines designed for snow removal, loaders are extremely useful for clearing more extensive areas. This goes for people with large yards or driveways. These options include skid steers, wheel loaders, and utility vehicles. They are all used for large snow removals for parks, gardens, or large properties.

They can fit with specialized attachments that are perfect for snow removal.

Salt Spreaders

Salt Spreaders are wheeled containers that look very similar to a wheelbarrow and are used to distribute salt to break up and clear the ice sheets formed after freezing. These spreaders can be pushed, towed, or mounted on vehicles. Then, the salt is loaded into a hopper, and a rotating disk moves consistently to spread it evenly onto the surface. 

Salt spreaders minimize the risk of accidents under icy conditions. When it is time for snow storms, all homeowners should be ready to shovel and get rid of the snow as quickly as possible. You should also know how snow and ice affect different surfaces and which tools are best suited to eliminate them.

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