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At Peel Power Equipment, bringing the best products and services to our customers is our number one priority. We now proudly carry STIHL outdoor power equipment, providing the highest quality tools available. Our impressive selection of STIHL products aligns with our belief that it takes the right tools to get the job done right the first time. STIHL products are designed to meet uncompromising standards of quality and durability. When you shop at Peel, you get competitive prices, expert product advice and the best customer service in the business. Best of all, you now get STIHL quality at a remarkably affordable price.

Quality and Durability

STIHL became the number one selling brand in Canada due to its superior quality and durability. STIHL’s long list of tools makes it easy to find what you need to tackle any job quickly and efficiently. You’ll have access to the tools you need for a lifetime of projects, from everyday garden maintenance to major clearing and landscape projects. STIHL’s durability is worth the investment as they save you money in the long run.

90 Years of Building Trust

For over 90 years, STIHL has built its reputation for providing tools featuring revolutionary technology, innovation, and engineering. STIHL is available in over 160 countries around the world, focusing on helping both homeowners and workers complete their projects with ease. They are the leading chainsaw brand, not only in Canada but one of the leading brands in the entire world. Peel is proud to now be an authorized dealer of STIHL products.

Authorized Dealers Only

You won’t find STIHL products at your local big box stores. That’s because they only trust authorized dealers such as Peel to provide the level of service they require. As an independent STIHL dealer, we have the knowledge to provide a superior shopping experience with the information you need to make the right tool choices for the job. We offer assembly, pre-delivery inspection, operational information, and maintenance service as part of the STIHL independent dealership circle. We are honored to provide STIHL products and become specialists to guide you in your STIHL purchasing decisions.

Advanced Technology

STIHL authorized dealer

STIHL is known for using the most advanced technology to improve handling and performance. The understand the challenges you can encounter and have developed ways to overcome everything from excess vibrations to grip issues due to frigid weather. Their goal is to ensure you remain safe while using their tools, making them easier to handle, operate and maintain. Features such as heated handles, QuickStop brakes and anti-vibration technology on their chainsaws allow you to use their tools with confidence. They also focus on superior engine function, durability and easy starting technology, so using STIHL tools is easy from start to finish.

STIHL Warranty

STIHL also stands behind their products with their guarantee you will be completely satisfied with your purchase. You have the option to exchange your STIHL tools within seven days if they fail to meet your needs. Warranty Information


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