Landscaping Construction & Maintenance in Georgetown

Professional Landscape Design and Construction in Georgetown

Professional Landscape Design and Construction

Peel Exterior Maintenance is proud to be your full-service construction and maintenance company in Georgetown. With over 30 years of experience, we have become a reliable, trusted source for commercial landscaping, snow removal/ice management , and lawn/garden maintenance in the area. Our clientele depends on our expertise to meet their exterior property needs year-round.

From our humble beginnings as a commercial property maintenance company, we adopted a more full-service approach to property maintenance which includes commercial landscape construction and a local storefront.

Our commercial landscaping includes hardscaping (interlocking pavers , stonework, curbs, etc.) and softscaping (mulching, planting, pruning ). We work with our customers to implement their outdoor vision by leveraging our design team’s abilities in enhancing exterior spaces.

Our team looks at your commercial property and assesses what needs to be completed to bring your vision to life. We work closely with our clients to ensure their specifications and expectations are fully met. We will also assist you in deciding what measures are necessary to enhance your curb appeal.

Whether you want to turn a customer’s head with a jaw-dropping landscape design, increase safety with cleared walkways, have someone tend to your lawn/garden needs or need supplies for your next DIY, we have your needs covered.

Reasons Why Landscaping is Important

If you have ever wondered how landscaping can benefit your business, we provide a detailed examination of its importance to your company and the consumer. In the world of business, first impressions and perceptions are lasting.

The visual appeal of your business in the eyes of your customer is important. So, in a world that is fiercely competitive how can you generate that lasting impression?

  1. Customer Attraction and Retention

    When was the last time you passed by something beautiful and not been drawn to it? Commercial landscaping generates a positive psychological impact on customers and employees.

    A nicely landscaped exterior will draw customer attention, causing them to notice your business. Doesn’t your company deserve to have all eyes drawn to its products or services?

    Great landscaping establishes your brand, provides a clean image, and draws customers in. Furthermore, studies indicate customers are enticed to spend more in an aesthetically pleasing environment. Customers perceive well-kept areas to be efficient and approachable.

  2. Economically Smart and Eco-Friendly

    Commercial landscaping beautifies a space and develops an environmentally friendly space. Commercial contractors can assist you in selecting items that are native to the area, need less water, and assist in filtering air. It demonstrates to customers that you care about the earth and will do your part in conservation. This reflects favourably on your company.

    Planting trees prevents soil erosion and improves surrounding water quality. Landscaping helps you to achieve this in your location.

    In terms of cost-saving, landscaping can help businesses save 12%-15% on their energy bills.

  3. Saves Money and Time

    We understand running a business and tending to it is time-consuming. Investing in a commercial landscape service assists you in redirecting your focus to achieving your business-related goals.

    Furthermore, commercial landscaping eliminates the need to hire someone, money spent on equipment, and finding extra time to maintain your outdoor space.

    It takes the worry about when to plant flowers, watering them, clearing snow, maintaining safety, etc. Instead, rely on industry experts with the right knowledge, equipment , and experience to keep your space looking its best.

  4. Increases Property Value

    Curb appeal is vital in boosting property value. Neglected landscapes will generate less money than those that are meticulously maintained. Furthermore, it makes a statement about your business.

    Properties that are well-maintained show that you care about your business. The outer landscape is a reflection of your company.

    Neglected landscapes demonstrate a lack of attention and may make your property look derelict or uninviting. If you are looking to sell, it will decrease your property value, potentially resulting in a lower offer.

Why Choose Peel Exterior Maintenance?

With over 30 years of expertise, we provide customers with the best products in the business. Our team of professionals will select items that are at the forefront of industry trends. Following industry trends enables us to provide you with lasting products and a landscape you will be proud of.

We only provide the best services regarding commercial landscaping and installation. We strive to provide the best customer service possible by incorporating quality products, being consistent and reliable. We are trustworthy.

Our company provides our customers with information, supplies, and services that will bring their landscape vision to life. Each property is custom-tailored in its services to meet our client’s expectations.

Landscape Construction Services We Offer in Georgetown

Peel Exterior Maintenance in Georgetown provides the following commercial services:

  • Snow Removal/De-Icing Services: Using a proactive approach, we use the latest weather monitoring systems to know when a storm is about to hit. Our around-the-clock monitoring manages our service schedule to ensure that there is enough staff to battle each storm and they have the correct materials to complete the job.
  • Garden and Lawn Maintenance: Our industry professionals have decades of expertise in all aspects of lawn care . We also have an extensive equipment list to support our growing operations. Our team will take care of your garden beds and lawn care needs. We prune shrubs/trees, mulch your flower beds, plant flowers, and do rough cuts.
  • Landscape Construction : Using a combination of sofscaping and hardscaping, we work closely with our clients to enhance their outdoor space. We can assist you in establishing an attractive landscape beautiful enough to capture customer attention.

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Are you looking for a company that does construction and maintenance in Georgetown? Perhaps you need some assistance with your home DIY project? While we don’t offer residential landscape services, we would love to assist you in finding the right product for your needs with our landscape supply store. .

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