Winter Maintenance

How to Maintain Your Landscaping During Winter

16 Nov 2020
How to maintain your landscaping during winter

Winter in Canada can be cold and dark. It often leaves plants dormant, and people may think there is little to do for their landscape during the winter months. Yet, it is the careful planning in spring, autumn, and maintenance done during the winter, which creates the stunning landscape you and others enjoy during the warmer months.

The good news is that you won’t need to put in much work over the winter to build that summer landscape you want. From pruning to adding perennials to snow removal, here are some of the best ways you can maintain your green space when it snows.

Winter Landscape Tips for Trees

There are a number of reasons to do some maintenance care on your trees. This can include safety issues, for example, if there is a large branch that appears to be dying and may fall, causing damage to property or injury. If you have unhealthy branches, it is best to remove them as soon as you can. By doing so, you can avoid the disease spreading throughout the tree or to your other plants. Some people like to prune their trees to add a certain aesthetic appeal to the landscape. Depending on the trees you have, proper pruning can open up your landscape.

Pruning is the most important part of the winter care list for your landscape. To help your trees grow well, the key is to prune them while they are young. This way, you can avoid hassles when they are older.

Older trees or larger, heavier branches should be cared for by a professional to avoid any injuries and ensure they are done properly. Relying on a professional landscaper guarantees a stunning green space.

The ideal period to start removing branches from your trees is just after the leaves fall in September or October. Over the winter is the perfect time to prune your trees because there is less growth happening. It is also the time of year when some fewer bugs and diseases can cause damage.

Another way to make your landscape feel alive during the cold weather is to add plants with berries. These trees will add some colour that will pop against the white snow. They will also provide food for birds during the sparse winter months. This can help your green space feel busy, as you’ll have a flurry of furry guests visiting.

Consider also adding some different types of trees to create a more interesting cold-weather landscape. For example, evergreens are a great addition that can survive the Canadian winters. Remember that they can come in various colours and shapes that can fit into your current landscape and add to its aesthetic appeal. Evergreens can come in yellows, like the Gold Thread false cypress, and blue as in the Dwarf Blue spruce.

Extra Landscape Tips

One of the advantages of winter is that it can give you some time to consider what may be missing from your landscape. At a time when all the plants are dormant, the layout of green space becomes easier to see. Something to consider is whether the area needs something extra like a trellis, a bench, or even a sculpture to really make it a sensational landscape.

You may even consider adding perennials so that you can enjoy some plant life all year round. When trees and shrubs appear bare, having some foliage around can create a nice space to enjoy during the colder months. Because they grow so well and so quickly, you may want to spend some time moving them around before the weather gets too cold. This can liven up your landscape even when it is snowing. It is also a great way to help your perennials grow well, as their bloom can be inhibited if they grow too closely together.

Another consideration for your landscape is any bare patches of grass or empty spots. Autumn can be an opportune time to seed those areas. A new seed doesn’t need a lot of water or nutrients to grow at this time of year. This can help you get a head start on refreshing your green grass space rather than waiting until spring and overseeding, hoping it grows quickly.

Similarly, there are some bulbs you can plant now that will give you a beautiful and colourful spring treat. Think of adding some tulips or daffodils today and reap the rewards after the snow melts. If you’re not sure which plants will be best to start now, ask your professional landscaping company.

Winter is also the best time to stock up on your needs to improve your landscape for next season. Consider what seeds you may want to try or what non-plant essentials you’ll need to get started in the spring.

One more important winter maintenance task is snow removal. While it can be difficult to keep up with the amount of snow that falls in some Canadian regions, having it removed is one of the best ways to care for your landscape during the winter. Whether it is at your home or business, snow removal is vital for keeping your space safe and clear.

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