Commercial Snow Removal & Ice Management Services

Commercial Snow Removal and Ice Management in Georgetown

Peel Exterior Maintenance Inc. has been providing dependable snow removal and ice removal services to commercial clients for more than 25 years! We have stood the test of time and, today, maintain hundreds of thousands of square feet of commercial, industrial, institutional, and condominium properties in the Halton and Peel Regions.

Our approach to winter maintenance involves developing an efficient snow control plan for prompt and safe snow removal and de-icing services for each property we service, performing regular site visits to ensure the safety of roadways, parking area and hardtop surfaces and utilizing a live dispatcher and GPS technology to oversee the operation of all plow and salt equipment during every snow event to ensure operations are completed in a timely and effective manner.

In Georgetown, Ontario, the winter season brings plenty of cold and snow our way. For large commercial properties, this makes snow removal services in Georgetown a necessity. Having snow and ice removed professionally ensures that warehouse entrances are clear, parking lots are accessible, and the risk of slip and fall incidents is diminished.

At Peel, our success is based entirely on the customer experience. As such, we limit the number of clients and properties we service in order to ensure we can continue to meet the expectations of all our customers.  We are fully insured and committed to safety in all aspects of our operations, which is evident in our approach to snow clearing and ice management:

  • Long before the first snowfall, our team meticulously develops an efficient snow control plan to facilitate quick and safe snow removal and de-icing for every property we service
  • We subscribe to satellite weather information services and perform regular site visits to the properties we service in order to stay informed of the condition of roadways, parking areas and hardtop surfaces
  • Our winter staff is on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (including holidays) for emergency service and our dedicated, professional staff of well-trained operators and technicians enable us to deliver reliable winter service-on time, every time
  • We have a live dispatcher overseeing the operation of all plow and salt trucks during each and every snow event to ensure operations are completed in a timely and professional manner
  • Radio dispatch, GPS and other technologies allow us to respond to, and deploy, units in a timely and effective manner.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to the customer experience and know we have the people, the equipment and the experience necessary to deliver on this commitment.  We would be thrilled to add you to our long list of valued customers and look forward to starting the conversation today!

Peel Exterior Maintenance Q&A

At Peel Exterior, we take snow removal services in Georgetown seriously. Below you’ll find some common questions we receive.

How many clients do you manage?

We take on a limited number of clients each year to ensure that each property we maintain is up to our high standard of care.

After a snowfall, do you clear at random?

To meet customer expectations, we develop snow control plans to quickly and efficiently de-ice each property.

How do you stay abreast of snow removal needs?

Our experienced snow removal team stays on top of weather reports all winter long.

What is your availability?

To guarantee our clients receive ice and snow-free workspaces year-round, we operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

How are the units dispatched?

Peel Exterior Maintenance uses the services of a live dispatcher to monitor client calls.

Will your team be able to find us?

We use a combination of radio dispatch instructions and portable GPS systems to get our team where they need to be.

Why Choose Peel Exterior Maintenance?

We’re committed to maintaining an organized delivery of snow removal services in Georgetown. Our team is experienced in keeping commercial spaces ice-free, accessible, and safe. We recommend booking early to ensure we have room on our caseload.

For more information on Peel Exterior snow removal services in Georgetown, give us a call at 1-888-265-7214.

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