Natural Stone Trends to Look Out for in 2024

04 Apr 2024
Natural stone trends to look out for in 2024

2024 is the year of the natural stone. With so many wonderful varieties of colours, shapes, and sizes available, you can transform any space from dull and drab to stunning and fab.

Natural stone has a range of benefits for use in landscaping due to being organically strong and weatherproof. They also do not contain harsh chemicals that can leach into the soil. Sourced from local quarries, natural stone is environmentally friendly and reduces your carbon footprint.

These remarkable resources allow for complete customization, as they are easily cut and shaped. As well, they are cooperative in becoming uniform while still keeping their charm. You can add colour to them, or even just bring out and accentuate their existing natural beauty. 

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Dark Stone Meets Light

Darker colours are trending in 2024. Naturally, darker stones, such as black lava and black landscaping rocks, are great for driveways and plant beds. 

On the other hand, coloured brick or concrete works well to form stunning walkways, especially when lighter stones are used as edging or highlights to accompany them and accentuate the walkway.

Various shades of darker stones can also create a dreamscape. When used in combination with creative outdoor lighting, you can change the look of the landscape and transition from day to night with the flick of a switch.

The Environmental Connection

There is a trend for using nothing but stone to create unique, multifunctional landscaped areas. However, a new trend that is slowly emerging from the shadows is the combination of stone with other natural materials, such as wood or driftwood. 

Carefully combined, you can create a stunning one-of-a-kind backyard or patio area with locally sourced and quarried materials, giving you a truly eco-friendly design that will “out-wow” the competition.

Native stones used in these settings allow the landscape to connect with the local naturally occurring resources. The benefit here is you can be confident that these stones will withstand the weather as they are already used to the local climate.

Stone Cladding

This stone type is typically found in larger backyards that include features such as an outdoor kitchen, BBQ space, or pool area.

Stone cladding adds unique aesthetics and grace. Usually coming in lighter shades, they can make the areas pop with style and functionality. The stones used are larger than those used for pathways, as they need to be stronger to allow the design to function. 

Despite their larger size, they can still be customized with your colour choice for that dream outdoor kitchen area, and they can be cut and shaped to give you the complete package.

Artisanal vs. Contemporary

Contemporary stones are typically cut and coloured in a uniform way, allowing for straight lines, bold colours, and geometric designs. Contemporary stones can give a clean atmosphere, which is great for minimalists and Zen gardens.

Artisanal stones keep their unique shapes and colours, giving you a very different, almost “freestyle” look in their appearance. While they can be cut down to size to fit together, their surfaces are left in a natural state, giving texture to the landscape. Also, their rare colour patterns cannot be recreated with dyes or chemicals.

Bigger Is Better

Previously, we have seen larger stones cut down to smaller sizes in order to create intricate and delicate patterns.

However, 2024 is seeing favour leaning towards the larger stones. With functionality and durability increased for a larger surface area and the ability to withstand the harsh winters, it’s easy to see why the bigger stones are gaining traction. 

The right stones will still create the ambiance you want despite their size, and the stonework’s seamless style may outlast the coming trends.

Interlocking Stones Could Be the Key

When it comes to natural stones, size, style, and colour all matter, but there is one trend that allows for everything you want in one neat package.

Interlocking stones are easy to create your design around. They are environmentally friendly, durable, and customizable to suit all colours, shapes, and placement. These stones are the next rising star in landscaping, with the versatility to create hardscape areas and walls, too. 

Typically created from brick or concrete, they can take on the form and colour of anything you can imagine. Laid with sand to create safe water drainage and still remaining sturdy enough to last the years, they help to prevent weed growth and are simple to maintain.

Complementing Natural Stone With Smart Features

Smart home technology is taking the market by storm. It includes design features to enhance our lives, making it easier to protect your home and create a comfortable living environment.

This same technology can also extend to your garden and patio areas. Incorporating smart lighting allows you to highlight certain areas or features in the space. You can set timers to come on automatically so that you can enjoy the outdoors for longer. 

Many stones will change their appearance naturally in different light settings, so you can highlight features or pathways with the smart lights to create new and visually stunning stonework with the same natural stones already in place.

Create Your Own Landscape

Flowers, trees, and bushes produce a garden paradise, encouraging local wildlife to come and frequent the space and enjoy it as much as you do.

While this setting is perfect for some, others may be looking for a more dynamic and statement-creating space to host large gatherings. Or, you may just want a contemporary area to sit and enjoy peacefully.

Natural stones can work in any space. Whatever your heart desires and the area allows, there are natural stones that will work for you. From Interlocking to cladding, dark to light, accented to featured, you can create your ultimate space easily. 

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