5 Different Types of Interlocking Stones for Your Yard

12 Mar 2024
5 different types of interlocking stones for your yard

Landscaping trends have changed over the years, with the invention of new techniques, materials, and even flowers and sculpting methods. While some trends come and go, others remain.

Interlocking stones are here to stay. The benefits they provide in creating a stylish and unique landscape (along with functionality) means that they are not only vital in creating safe, high-traffic capable areas, but they are aesthetically pleasing and increase curb appeal.

For residential properties, interlocking stones produce a unique and Zen-like area. For commercial properties, they create public spaces and staff-only areas and can even be a feature in their own right in the process.

With so many different types of interlocking stones available, what is the best option for you? How do you choose what will highlight your business and keep the curb appeal?

Space Considerations

Before considering the types of interlocking stones you can get, consider the environment in which they will be used and, therefore, their function and durability needs.

While interlocking stones can be used to create unique designs that are exclusive to your company and brand, the materials used have differences in longevity, durability, and ease of maintenance.

Additionally, weather conditions and traffic volumes will all affect the stones and should be considered.

5 Interlocking Stone Approaches

With the above in mind, here are five interlocking stone types to consider for your residence or business.

1. Concrete

This is a budget-friendly option, as concrete lends itself to being versatile and customizable.

Poured concrete can be moulded in its semi-liquid state and thus customized to create any shape and size. It holds colour well, so it can be made to look like other materials while still keeping the budget under control.

Easy to maintain and clean and laid with small gaps for water drainage, these stones create beautiful settings and remain functional for many years.

2. Brick

There is something comforting about seeing a brick pathway, and it incorporates a rustic functionality with ease.

Their durability allows them to perform extremely well in high-traffic areas, and they are stain and weather-resistant with the right sealant. Usually constructed from clay and/or aggregate (similar to concrete), brick stones are a common choice because of their strength.

Typical bricks can be big and bulky, but some companies may use limestone for a slightly thinner, easier-to-install brick. The texture of the limestone will be different from the standard materials, but this can add to the overall ambience.

While maintenance needs are low, they do require sweeping and the occasional power wash to remove dirt and grime build-up. They can also chip or crack in harsh weather conditions. However, damaged bricks can easily be replaced during the spring preparation for an increase in foot traffic.

3. Natural stone

Nature has the ability to create organically beautiful works of art that translate into unique and stunning materials.

As each stone is individual in shape and size, it can be trimmed and cut so that it can be laid uniformly and easily to create a one-of-a-kind landscape. Due to how it was formed in the ground, these stones have an unmatched durability, making them ideal for all areas of the hardscaping project.

When it comes to colour, no two stones are alike. This quality adds to the personality that they can form when laid together.

4. Man-made resin

Natural products such as stone or composites like brick and concrete have a natural beauty. However, artificially made products, such as resin, add a contemporary feel to modern landscapes.

Lightweight, they are easy to install. They are simply laid on the ground and tapped with a mallet to settle into the soil underneath. They can be customized in colour and shape and are a great alternative to stone or concrete.

While these interlocking stones are commonly found in residential areas, and in colder climates, they can make a commercial business look sleek and modern as well.

5. Rubber pavers

Residential or commercial areas that cater to children or seniors will benefit from rubber pavers. They provide a padded and safer environment for children to play without the risk of injury. They also reduce falls and related injury risks for seniors.

Easier to install than materials such as concrete or stone, they can be quickly placed and are easy on the budget. Limited to colour and shape, they do create a uniform surface area.

Other Unique Interlocking Stones

On the higher end of the price scale, there is a range of unique stones that can transform the hardscaping entirely. These can be combined with other materials for a truly special look.

For example, flagstones, bluestones, and even porcelain stones are versatile, durable, and stylish.

Once the material has been selected, you can also decide on the shape of the stones. Slatted shapes, such as those found in hardwood flooring, are easy to install and can quickly cover larger areas.

You can also choose shapes such as hexagons, triangles, and rectangles (and others) if you go with a stone or concrete that can be customized.

Creating the Dream Landscaping Look

Once you have determined where you need the interlocking stones and the kind of stress they will be put under, it will be crucial to choose the right company to help you design, purchase, and install them.

This type of hardscaping will instantly impact your commercial aesthetic and curb appeal, and the right professional can make all the difference.

Peel Exterior Maintenance is your ideal landscaping solution. With years of experience and a passion for increasing your curb appeal, you can be assured of realizing your vision.

A wide range of interlocking stones and pavers are available for you to browse onsite. Additionally, commercial owners can take advantage of our specialized services to aid in creating the perfect large-scale landscape.

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