Winter Maintenance

Why Home Winter Maintenance is Important

08 Feb 2019
Home maintenance issues in winter

With winter here, many homeowners are finding that they are experiencing a number of maintenance issues around the home. These maintenance problems may continue into spring if you’re not able to take control in the coming weeks. Our team at Peel Exterior Maintenance is immensely experienced in winter home maintenance and in this post, we’ll explain why home winter maintenance is so important for homeowners throughout the region.

Save Money on Heating

One of the most important reasons to take on home winter maintenance tasks is that you can save money on heating during this colder part of the year. Simply checking furnace filters and taking on other simple winter maintenance tasks can ensure your systems are working to peak performance and help reduce your long-term expenditure on energy.

Protect Equipment

Without home maintenance, your heating equipment can become damaged over time. The equipment might experience a drop in performance that may lead to a system-wide breakdown over time. If you commit to home winter maintenance, you can save thousands of dollars in new home equipment. You’ll also be able to capitalize on the effective performance on your equipment over the coming years.

Minimize Home Damage

Winter maintenance can help to safeguard your home against the damage caused by ice and water in and around the property. For example, you might consider having your pipes insulated this winter to protect from freezing temperature that can cause pipe bursts. Another consideration is the eaves trough around your home. By removing snow and ice regularly from the area, you can ensure optimal water flow and minimize damage. Take the time to review your options and speak with your local plumber about ways you can safeguard your home this winter time.

Protect Your Home

One of the best reasons to begin home maintenance at this time of the year is to protect those in your home from hazards. For example, with the additional use of heating equipment during the winter months, there is a greater risk of fires in the home. Going through the maintenance process of checking smoke and fire alarms can ensure that the home is protected and that all systems are in optimal working condition.

How Do I Protect My Home?

Now you know why you should begin taking on home maintenance tasks this season, let’s look at a few of the tasks you should be able to complete as part of your home maintenance regimen.

  • Keep doors open to improve airflow

    Optimal air flow is critical during the winter months when the use of heat is required to overcome cold temperatures. It’s important that you ensure that doors to all rooms throughout the home are open while the home is occupied. This will ensure that heat makes its way into each of the rooms.

  • Add weather stripping to doors and windows

    Weather stripping is a great tool to protect against the flow of cold air from the outside into the home. Take the time to review your home windows and doors for signs of damage, and make sure that weather stripping is installed on doors and windows to block outside airflow and secure the home against potential drops in temperature.

  • Check your heating bill

    Oftentimes one of the first signs of a problem within your home is that your heating costs rise. This could be the result of an airflow problem in the home or it could be that your heating systems are not working efficiently. Make sure you compare your current heating costs with past heating costs to ensure you achieve lasting value for money and can act to stop a rise in spending.

  • Remove debris from gutters

    One of the leading causes of leaks within the home during the winter months is debris such as leaves, branches, ice, and snow in the guttering. The gutters around your home should be monitored regularly for items that might block water flow. Make sure you conduct a walkthrough of the property at least once every few weeks to ensure all areas are free of obstructions.

  • Rake snow from the roof where possible

    If you live in a home in which you can reach the roofing areas, you might wish to rake the snow and ice from the roof during and after a snow storm. The additional weight of the snow and ice can cause leaks to occur within the property, which may cause lasting problems as the water levels increase during the spring months.

  • Learn how to shut off your water

    Take the time to learn how to shut off your water ready for the spring season. This is the time of the year in which it’s most common for flooding to occur. If you know exactly where to find the water mains for the home, and you know how to turn off the water to the property, you’ll be able to safeguard your home from extensive damage.

  • Partner with a local plumbing expert

    While you should be able to take on most winter home maintenance tasks without assistance from the experts, you will need assistance for more complex procedures such as insulating piping and repairing plumbing systems. Take the time to consult with local specialists before you act. They can help to identify maintenance problems before they have a lasting impact on your home.

It’s the ideal time to start taking on those all-important winter and spring maintenance tasks throughout your home. Taking the time now to begin this process will help you reduce your home operating costs over the next year or more, and protect your loved ones against potential home heating issues.

To learn more about home maintenance processes and the options available in the local marketplace, call Peel Exterior Maintenance today at 905-873-8988 or contact us here.