Winter Maintenance

How To Keep Your Property Safe This Winter

25 Sep 2017

Winter is one of the most beautiful times of the year. But it also brings with it potential hazards, such as snow and ice, which can pose risks for business owners or property managers alike. In fact, slip and fall accidents are among the most common injuries on commercial properties. Here is how to keep your business safe this winter.

  1. Invest in Professional Snow Removal and Deicing Services
    Unfortunately, you can’t rely on the city to take care of the snow outside of your property. That’s why it’s critical to invest in a professional snow removal and deicing service for the winter months. Not only will this ensure that your parking lot, sidewalks, pathways and stairs are cleared of snow in a prompt manner, but deicing will ensure that slippery pathways are thoroughly salted – keeping your customers, clients, employees and/or tenants safe. A great service provider will also perform regular site visits to monitor the property, understanding that snow drifts and erratic temperature changes can create additional risks.
  2. Place Floor Mats/Rugs in the Entryway
    Snow can be tracked into the entryway of your business or property and cause slips once that snow melts. Ensure that your entryway is protected with a large floor mat or rug.
  3. Ensure That The Exterior is Well Lit
    Ensure that you have proper lighting outside of your property during the winter months. It gets darker faster and employees and customers may have a difficult time seeing potential hazards. Additionally, this will make getting to and from vehicles safer. Adequate lighting is key.
  4. Place Safety Cones and Signs Around Your Property
    In more severe weather conditions, it is never a bad idea to place safety cones and signs outside, whether in the entrance to your property or in the parking lot to remind visitors to act cautiously.
  5. Make Time For Occasional Inspections
    Businesses don’t have a lot of time on their hands, but taking a few minutes to survey the premises and checking for any signs of black ice or any other hazards can prove to be extremely valuable.
  6. Be Extra Vigilant For Damage During the Winter Season
    Heavy snow can damage your roof, ice can add weight to handrails or damage stairs – it’s imperative to stay hyper-vigilant about any signs of damage this winter and act accordingly.

Peel Exterior Maintenance Inc. is a premier commercial landscaping company in Ontario, offering first-rate and dependable winter maintenance, snow removal and deicing services to help keep your business safe this winter. Contact us today for more information.