Winter Maintenance

7 Reasons Why It’s Necessary to Use Professionals for Snow Removal

13 Feb 2020
Benefits of hiring professionals for snow removal

For commercial properties, the winter can wreak havoc on your business. From heavy snowfall compromising the road conditions to spending hours shovelling the sidewalk in front of your establishment, many business owners are at the mercy of Mother Nature in winter.

For many Canadians, the snowy winter can last for as long as five or six months, which can make a significant dent in their annual revenue. With that in mind, here are seven reasons your business should consider hiring a professional snow removal company:

1. Save time

If your business has a parking lot, you could spend countless hours shovelling it out to allow customers to park in front of your store. Even with a snowblower or a snowplow on your vehicle, this can take a lot of time.

Unfortunately, many business owners simply don’t have the extra hours in the morning to spend clearing out their parking lot. If that’s the case for you, don’t fret. Commercial snow removal companies have experts who know how to get rid of the snow in your lot in as little time as possible. This way, when you show up for work in the morning, there’s a good chance your parking lot will already be cleared, sanded, and ready for customers.

2. Better quality

Many business owners have faced the consequences of improper snow removal. From entryways, sidewalks, and lanes of traffic blocked by snowdrifts to damaged equipment, the cost of improper snow removal can be significant — both financially and in terms of safety risks.

However, professional snow removal companies are armed with the equipment and expertise necessary to tackle anything a winter storm can bring.

While you may have to use a shovel to clear your parking lot, commercial snow removal companies are equipped with plows, snowblowers, trucks, and sidewalk cleaners to provide quick, convenient, and quality service.

Due to their equipment and expertise, commercial snow removers simply offer a higher quality of service than even you can provide your business.

3. Save money

Effectively clearing your parking lot and sidewalk often requires a great deal of equipment — certainly more than just a shovel. For many business owners — especially those who only need occasional snow clearings each year — it’s significantly less expensive to outsource to a professional snow removal company rather than to buy or rent the equipment yourself.

This also saves you the hours that would have been lost if you or your staff were to clear your lot on their own. Not only is it more convenient and efficient to hire a commercial service, but it also saves you time — time that can be better used on more important tasks related to your business.

4. Avoid injury

We’ve all heard about the dangers of shovelling snow, especially concerning heart attacks and slip-and-fall injuries. Very few people know how to correctly and safely shovel snow, and poor snow-shovelling techniques result in thousands of injuries every year.

By outsourcing your snow removal to a company that is properly equipped to handle the volume of snow and size of your lot, you significantly reduce the risk of anyone getting injured during the process. Professional snow removal technicians always follow standard safety procedures while working, helping ensure no one gets hurt.

5. Prevent damage

Similarly to how professional snow removal companies provide a better quality service, they are quite skilled at preventing damage to your store, vehicles, parking lot, and customer property.

With years of experience in the industry, trained snow removal technicians should have no problem dealing with massive volumes of snow without causing damage. The same can’t be said for the average-Joe who goes to work with a shovel, snowblower, and plow on his truck.

6. Minimize risk

While this is extremely rare — professional snow removal companies are very skilled — it does occasionally happen.

Thankfully, any damage caused by a snow removal company will be covered by their insurance, assuming they have it. This helps minimize risk and keep you protected in the event of any damage to your store, vehicles, customer property, and the parking lot itself. This would be a very different case if the damage was incurred by you, as a business owner.

7. On-call convenience

Finally, the convenience of on-call snow removal is a huge benefit for commercial businesses.

Many snow removal companies understand that needs vary from year-to-year and month-to-month. With on-call service, you can often have a snow removal technician at your door with less than 24 hours notice. This is invaluable for heavy snowfall and unexpected storms.

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