Winter Maintenance

5 Tips To Maintain Your Garden In The Winter Months

08 Nov 2017

Garden maintenance doesn’t just happen before winter sets in; in fact, a little maintenance to your garden during the winter months will allow your garden to look much more beautiful once springs roll around. Here are some tips to maintain your garden during the winter months.

  1. Protect Your Vulnerable Perennials, Trees and Shrubs With the Right Materials
    It is common to cover perennials with bags, but many make the mistake of covering them with plastic and other materials which trap moisture and ultimately do more harm than good. Cloth is the best option for perennials. If you have roses, for example, it is a good idea to build a burlap shelter.Similarly, if you have young trees, protecting their softer trunks with tree protectors will prevent animals from gnawing at them throughout the winter. Protect young shrubs with natural materials like burlap. Just be sure that you remove any covers as soon the temperature increases to above freezing.
  2. Knock the Snow Off Any Branches
    While snow can actually protect your soil (it serves to insulate it and keep the temperature consistent), heavy snow on any of your plants or tree branches could damage them. If you want to ensure that your plants and trees stay in as good a condition as possible for when spring arrives, it is a good idea to brush heavy snow off your plants and tree branches after a particularly heavy snowfall.
  3. Pruning
    Winter is the best time for pruning any deciduous plants in your garden. When plants are dormant, they aren’t as likely to attract insects. They also aren’t as likely to attract disease. Pruning in the winter can also result in a more bountiful showing once spring arrives, particularly for hibiscus.
  4. Winter Weed Control
    Winter is actually the best time for removing weeds (so long as there isn’t a blanket of snow covering your garden). During any warm periods, weeds will be the first to germinate. As you see weeds, pull them up. You can also till them under if the ground is soft enough.
  5. Prepare Your Beds
    Near the end of the winter, begin preparing your garden beds by removing any weeds and dead foliage. Loosen winter mulch.

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