Winter Maintenance

4 Tips To Prepare Your Garden For Winter Weather

04 Oct 2017

Just because winter is here and your foliage is blanketed under a layer of snow and the bright blooms won’t arrive until spring, this doesn’t mean that your garden has to be drab and dreary. In fact, it can be quite the contrary. With the following tips, you can still have as beautiful a garden in the winter months as in the spring and summer months. We’re firm believers that a garden can (and should) be enjoyed all year round. If you thought you wouldn’t need your gardening gloves until spring, think again! Here are some tips for preparing your garden for winter weather so that you can enjoy it all year round.

  1. Opt For Four Season Perennials
    Many four season perennials have evergreen foliage that doesn’t fall off in the winter months, making some four season perennials a great choice for your winter garden. Ornamental grasses, hellebores, and dianthus all fall within this category. Since not all four season perennials have foliage in the winter, it is important to check the label first.
  2. Evergreens: Gold Thread, False Cypress, and Dwarf Blue
    During the holiday season, evergreens are typically brought indoors or added to the porch, but evergreens actually come in a variety of other colours besides the traditional Christmas green colour. This makes them a great addition to a garden during the winter months. There’s gold thread, false cypress, and dwarf blue, all of which will give your garden the colour you are missing during the winter months.
  3. Add Colour with Fruit
    There are a lot of trees and shrubs that continue to produce fruit even in the cold winter months (even in Canada). Some great examples here in Canada are crab apples and holly (with berries). Against a mostly white backdrop, these add some much needed colour into the landscape. Not only that, but many of these fruits also serve as a food source for local birds.
  4. Choose Trees with Distinctive Bark
    Although most trees will lose their leaves during the winter, trees with distinctive bark can add a lot of texture and interest to your garden, especially when the rest of your garden is covered in a blanket of white snow. Some great options in this category are deciduous trees as well as birch and dogwood.

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