Winter Maintenance

2 Reasons To Prioritize Snow Removal And De-Icing Around Your Commercial Property

03 Jan 2018

Here are just a couple of reasons why it’s critical to prioritize snow removal and de-icing services around your commercial property.

  1. To Prevent Liability Issues
    One of the leading reasons why many people visit the ER in the winter months is slip and fall injuries due to the winter conditions.

    As we’ve said before, more than 42,000 workers are injured every year due to fall accidents, with the majority (66%) of these falls occurring from slips and trips. This is according to Stats Canada.

    The best way to protect your commercial property this winter season is to ensure that you invest in professional snow removal and de-icing services.

    Professional services will keep your commercial property safe and ensure that you are protected from costly and devastating liability issues as soon as the first snowfall hits.

    You won’t have to worry about whether someone has shoveled the snow or de-iced your property—it will be taken care of immediately.

  2. Professional Reasons
    Another reason why it’s important to prioritize professional snow removal and de-icing services for your commercial property is to maintain your professional appearance.When your property has a buildup of snow, it does not send the best message to your customers or even to your employees. To make the best impression at all times, it’s important that your walkways, parking lots, and so on are maintained.

    The Takeaway
    It is imperative to invest in snow removal and de-icing services for your commercial property. Not only will you protect yourself from possible costly and damaging liability issues, but you will also ensure that your property looks well manicured throughout the winter season.

    Peel Exterior Maintenance Inc. offers expert and reliable winter maintenance, snow removal, and de-icing services to help keep your commercial property maintained this winter season Contact us today for more information.