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Summer Lawn Care 101: 7 Tips to Revive Your Commercial Property

17 May 2023
Summer lawn care 101: 7 tips to revive your commercial property

The winter can be harsh, and the snow and freezing cold temperatures can take a toll on the ground, soil, and grass.

Springtime brings forth new life and regeneration, but what happens when it’s just been too hard, and the grass doesn’t grow properly and looks brown and lifeless? 

Here, we explore some useful, easy ways to revive and rejuvenate your lawn. 

What lawn and landscaping do you have?

We should start by understanding what type of lawn you have and the conditions that it is suited for. This will have an impact on how to revive it after a long winter’s sleep.

Cool lawns thrive in cooler climates with limited or weaker sun exposure. The grass that makes up these lawns is sturdier and more robust, evolved to survive in the cool temperatures.

Warm lawns are at the opposite end of the scale. The grass used in these lawns thrives and explodes with life in hotter climates and prolonged sun exposure.

What about the plants and trees that make up the landscape as you look out your main entrance? All these things will need care and attention, but too much or too little, and you run the risk of things dying and not growing. 

Be Careful Not to Spring Into Action

As soon as the snow melts, you go out, grab your lawn mower and start hacking away.

While this is the norm we have all been told to do when the snow is gone, this can actually be detrimental to the grass, causing further harm and requiring more extensive repair.

Alternatively, you grab other gardening tools, such as hoes and fertilizer and get to work. Doing this too early can also be detrimental as there are still lots of garden friends who are in hibernation and not yet fully woken up. By disrupting too much too soon, you have the potential to lose the helpful bugs and bees.

The following tips are designed to help you get started the right way, leading to a more full and luscious landscape for you and your clients to gaze out upon. 

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1. Deep Water Is Good Water

Grassroots tend to run deeper than most people think or even expect. Making sure that at least the top 4 inches of soil and grass are watered allows the water to get to the roots. This method also helps it to spread out and dry evenly, preventing root rot and burnt patches in the heat.  

When you combine this with a good irrigation system and drainage, you set yourself up for succes, whether it’s grass, flowers or trees that you are maintaining. 

2. Don’t Just Grab Weeds By The Roots

Weeds are an ever-growing and spreading problem. When left untreated, they can easily strangle your lawn and kill off grass and other plants. 

Lawns, plant beds and planters are all at risk, and proper weed control needs to be implemented. Using a known brand weed killer and not just ripping them up by the roots can be the landscape saviour. 

3. Let It Breathe

Lawn, planters, plant beds will all benefit from loosening up and breathing. Aeration breaks up hard, compacted chunks of soil, allowing water to flow, oxygen to get around, and roots to grow and move easily. 

It is especially beneficial after the snow has melted to break up lumps caused by the freezing temperatures of winter. It can easily be done with a garden fork or an aeration device. 

4. A Good Hearty Feed

Fertilizer has its place, and the right mix for the right landscape will replace all the lost nutrients from the summer, and give a boost after the winter. 

The first feeding should be done in early winter to replace those lost minerals and nutrients that growing and thriving plants absorbed all spring and summer. This should be done again once the snow has gone and the ground is waking up. 

5. Fix Up The Bare Patches 

Bare patches can make any landscape look undesirable. Once you know the type of lawn you have, ensure you get the right mix of grass seeds, and this will help to repair and blend in bare spots. 

Check to see what caused them as well. Sometimes, it can be a disease affecting the soil and what lives and grows there. Other times, it could be because it’s in a high-traffic area, so hardscaping this section may be beneficial in the long run. 

6. Pest Control Gives You Control

Unwanted pests will wreak havoc as soon as they wake up. With insatiable appetites, pests like avids, beetles and caterpillars will eat through any and all plant life in their way, leaving death and destruction in their wake.  

7. Too Short of a Cut Looks Bad For Everyone

Getting your hair cut too short at a salon is bad. But it will grow back. Your lawn or flowers are another story. 

Cutting your grass too short will cause it to burn in the hot sun. Using dull blades on the mower can be just as disastrous, as it will rip the grass instead of cutting it, affecting the grass’s health.

For your flowers, pruning too much can also cause a delay in growth, if the plant grows anymore at all. It’s better to stay a little longer and fuller to be safe. 

Maintenance Service in Georgetown: Leave It To The Professionals

Reviving your commercial property starts with a vision. You plan out how it should look and what you need to do to get it there. 

By working with a professional landscaper, you can get that dream and keep it. Peel Exteriors has offered services for over 30 years, so your landscape is in great hands. 

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