Spring/Summer Maintenance

Six Ways To Enhance Your Property For Summer

10 Jul 2017

Summer is the time to turn your commercial property into a beautiful oasis. Whether you are the proprietor of a 10-storey office building or an outdoor mall, your property deserves a facelift. If you’re unsure where to start, here are six things you can do to enhance your property for the summer.

  1. Plant local: Replace any old and tired plants with local foliage. Often, mature landscaping outgrows the space it was planted in, leaving it to appear sick and messy. If possible, get rid of everything and start over with an array of native plants. Plus, native plants thrive in the local climate, requiring less maintenance for your grounds crew.
  2. Bring forth colour: Bring an array of colour to your commercial property with containers. Besides adding colour to the landscape, containers full of plants can be placed all over the property in the summer and stored indoors when it’s cold out. Or you can change the plants with the season.
  3. Update signage: Signage can become dated quickly. Weather can do a number on outdoor signage, so take this opportunity to add crisp, modern fonts with bold colours that are easy to read. When you update the signage around the property, don’t forget to add lighting so that people can read the signs at night.
  4. Add seating: Outdoor seating is the perfect addition to any commercial property. Benches and picnic tables allow for people to socialize and take their lunch breaks outside, and they add an extra touch to the property. Because commercial properties are often generic-looking in nature, outdoor seating sets your building apart and revitalizes it.
  5. Let the water fall: Water features like ponds, fountains, waterfalls and brooks can be put in anywhere on your commercial property to add elegance. You don’t need to go overboard and build a moat with a working drawbridge, but small water features enhance any outdoor space. Fish are optional.
  6. Pave the way: Look for any uneven surfaces on the property and have them repaved. Besides the aesthetic reasons for repaving, uneven sidewalks and walkways can cause people to trip and fall. The last thing you need is someone getting injured on your property. Don’t stop at the pavement. Look for uneven patches of grass too and have those repaired as well.

Updating your property with the enhancements above will not only increase its commercial value, but will make it look great as well!