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3 Sustainable Rooftop Gardening Trends

11 Oct 2017

Businesses benefit when they prioritize sustainability and environmental causes. First of all, today’s consumers are very different from consumers of the past. Today’s consumers are looking much more closely at what businesses stand for and gravitating toward companies that have a cause beyond themselves. Not only does a commitment toward sustainability benefit businesses in terms of their brand, it also creates a company culture. On top of these benefits, prioritizing sustainability and the environment can lead to significant cost savings.

Benefits of Rooftop Gardens For Businesses

A major green trend in recent years has been rooftop gardens, which is exactly what it sounds like: vegetation is being planted on top of roofs. Also known as urban gardening, rooftop gardens offer huge benefits for businesses from increased productivity amongst employees to reduced carbon emissions and massive savings in energy costs (because the vegetation improves insulation). There are also many different variations and trends coming up within the rooftop gardening trend itself, all of which allow businesses to take advantage of the trend in a way that suits themselves, as outlined below:

  1. The Standard Rooftop Garden
    The standard rooftop garden trend deserves its own nod. By extending the office space into the outdoors, businesses are doing something great for their employees. Recent studies have shown, for example, that office workers who have a view of nature like their jobs more. When employees are happier, they are much more likely to contribute positively to the company. The rooftop garden is also a great place for businesses to speak to clients and customers and to ultimately set themselves apart. Businesses that offer health services as well as wellness-based businesses like spas and yoga studios are beginning to use rooftop gardens as part of their meditative space.
  2. Edible Gardens
    The rooftop garden trend has spawned a new trend amongst businesses in recent years called the edible garden. There are a wide range of applications for produce grown on rooftops. Restaurants, for example, can make use of rooftop-grown produce and herbs in their kitchens. It is also a great selling point for many people today who are looking for fresh, local ingredients.
  3. Bee Sanctuaries
    Along with edible gardens, rooftop bee sanctuaries have been popping up alongside them. This trend has been particularly noticeable in London, England.

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