Transform Your Business’s Garden This Spring With 11 Landscaping Tips and Tricks

09 Mar 2023
Transform your business’s garden this spring with 11 landscaping tips and tricks

Are you looking to draw in more customers to your commercial property? A property that is well-maintained and flawless not only attracts business but increases your reputation. While most companies focus more on their interior space, the first impression is based on outdoor landscaping.

Any business can enhance its outdoor space by following simple commercial ideas and landscaping tips. Beautifully designed landscapes provide a positive work environment for your employees and generate a favourable opinion towards the company.

In this article, we will provide some suggestions on garden maintenance that can improve the look of your Georgetown business.

Landscaping Guidelines to Enhance Your Property

Regarding landscaping tips, we have broken this section down into two areas. The first will provide ideas on decoration, while the second will focus on maintenance. Combined, these two areas will boost the aesthetic appeal of your business’s exterior. They are easy to implement and can make a significant difference.

Landscaping Tips

Word of mouth is a powerful tool. When your customers see a beautifully designed landscape, they will take notice. They will mention it in passing to their friends. Customers will silently wonder what the name of your business is.

By searching for your signage, they will discover who you are. Wondering if they need your product or service, they are immediately hooked. Curious, they come inside and turn into your next best customer.

Get new customers talking by using these simple suggestions for landscaping:

  1. Provide an inviting entrance: Visually appealing entryways are essential for commercial businesses. Inviting entrances are welcoming and distinct. Materials containing different colours and textures can generate a unique focal point to attract new business.
  2. Ensure clear lighting and visibility: Large trees shouldn’t conceal your property. It would be best to have it visible to people in all directions. You will draw more people indoors by using attractive and bright colours to enhance the building’s overall appeal. Furthermore, good outdoor lighting improves building security and makes your landscape noticeable at night.
  3. Create hardscapes and decorative features: Be mindful of your landscape’s decoration. Use features like statues and fountains to draw attention. Sculptures should be visually appealing and complement the building. In addition to providing a good look, hardscapes create security for the company’s construction. Stone pathways lined with colourful flowering plants give customers a pleasant experience when entering your building.
  4. Incorporate outdoor furniture: People commonly gather outdoors, especially when the weather is nice. Provide an excellent socializing opportunity by placing traditional and modern furniture outside. This furniture will allow customers and employees to gather. A plain wood bench can generate a tranquil state of relaxation as well.
  5. Use plants: Use various plants to create colour for your outdoor area. Try creatively displaying your company logo or name with shrubs and plants. This technique is instantly memorable to customers since it is unusual. Select brightly coloured plants that are eye-catching. However, it would be best if you were selective in your colour choice. Only choose colours that complement the building’s style and landscaping.

These recommendations immediately draw the eye to your building. Try incorporating a unique spin on these ideas to draw attention further, like spelling out the company name using bright colours and a contrasting backdrop. Your creativity will pay dividends in new business and get people talking, making you stand out.

Maintenance Tips

Even the most eye-catching landscape is well-spent if it is regularly maintained. You must continually examine your outer property if you expect the work and money put into it to last. If you conduct frequent inspections, you will preserve curb appeal and lower the cost of maintenance issues.

  1. Inspect the property for damage: Regularly examine the garden. By doing frequent inspections, you will note minor damage present on the lawn and in your outer building. Damage may include sinkholes, broken pavements, and additional conditions that could render the property unsafe. When such damages are discovered, they can be quickly repaired to prevent them from becoming more significant.
  2. Regularly remove debris: Garbage and litter exist no matter what your location. However, your property doesn’t have to look messy. Clean the trash frequently, whether it is regular trash your business generates or litter on the property. Additionally, you can demonstrate that you are eco-friendly by using grass clippings, leaves, and other waste for composting.
  3. Examine your irrigation system: Irrigation systems are vital for any lawn. Damaged systems can generate severe drainage problems for your landscaping. Drainage problems can also impact your plants and the garden. Examine valves, nozzles, water pipes, and sprinklers for any issues. Be sure to employ the system to see if it’s working correctly.
  4. Use fertilizer at the proper time: Your plants need fertilizer to remain healthy. Therefore, they require nutrients from the fertilizer to stay at their best and at the appropriate time. As mentioned, you can fertilize using compost from waste or use recommended lawn fertilizers.
  5. Overseed the lawn: If patches exist on your grass, cover up thatches by overseeding them. Seeding is conducted to protect your garden’s turf. Mowing keeps the lawn in perfect shape each time.
  6. Control weeds and pests: Pests can damage beautiful lawns or gardens. Weeds will choke out the life of your outdoor space as well. To eliminate them, consult a professional. Use recommended pesticides to protect your plants from bugs and pests, as they can create an unwelcoming atmosphere for critters.

Need help figuring out where to start? Simple garden maintenance services in Georgetown can generate a beautiful experience for your customers. Transform your commercial property by contacting Peel Exterior Maintenance.

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