The Importance of Tree Trimming for Your Property

08 Jul 2019
The Importance of Tree Trimming for Your Property

The trees around your home or business play an important role in helping to maintain privacy and control natural light. But maintaining trees is critical to protecting your home or business space and achieving the ideal comfortable environment. Our experienced team at Peel Exterior Maintenance understands the challenges business owners, and homeowners alike, face in maintaining their landscapes. In this latest post, we’ll explain the importance of tree trimming for your property.

Aesthetic Appeal

A particularly important consideration for business owners is the aesthetic appeal of their landscape. Making that strong first impression could help you to bring in more customers to your business. And so, if the trees across your property are overgrown and generally in poor condition, you may be limiting your business prospects. Trees are also the largest features within the landscape, and so they’ll immediately catch the eye of visitors and those within the area.

Tree Health

Another important element to consider when evaluating commercial property maintenance is tree health. Strong, healthy trees can only grow in an environment where maintenance is a priority. Having your trees professionally trimmed helps to encourage new growth and limits the number of diseases the trees contract. Trimming also helps to encourage the trees to grow in a specific way, which helps to enhance both safety and aesthetics within the space.

Environmental Safety

Make sure that your trees are trimmed in order to mitigate the potential damage that falling branches can cause within your property. An overgrown tree can also cause damage to nearby structures such as power lines and surrounding buildings. This is a particular danger during storms and windy weather when branches and other debris can be blown from your property. Therefore, if you have a tree that is growing into other elements around your property, make sure you discuss trimming options with a local property maintenance company.

Maintenance Costs

While it might cost you some money to have the trees trimmed regularly, repairing damage to your property from overgrown trees can be very expensive. So, it’s important you consider the short-term costs relative to the long-term value of having neatly trimmed trees within your property.

How to Choose the Right Tree Trimming Service

So now that you know a little more about the value a tree trimming service can offer to your property, let’s look at the best ways to choose a service. We have significant experience in this area of the marketplace and we advise you to use the following criteria when making the selection:


Location is a key consideration when selecting a tree trimming service. The closer the company is located to your property, the better they will be at responding quickly, and on recognizing the right option for your space. Companies that have experience working in the local region understand the climate and the local environmental risks. For example, what is the risk of storm damage in the region? And what type of trees must be maintained in order to minimize the damage their branches might cause? These are key questions best answered by those with direct local experience.


While location is an important element, experience is perhaps an even greater indication of a company’s quality of workmanship. Make sure the company you select has at least several years’ experience within the local tree trimming industry. This experience can be crucial to know exactly how to trim a tree without damaging its roots and causing lasting damage. Experience is also essential in knowing exactly how to trim the tree so that it doesn’t impact the nearby properties. In addition, experienced professionals can help you achieve the ideal aesthetics for the trees on your property.

Direct Tree Trimming Expertise

One of the leading problems many companies face is working with a tree trimming professional that doesn’t have past experience in the process. While many exterior maintenance companies offer a level of tree trimming service, it’s important that the company and the person completing the work is vastly experienced. That’s because the potential for damage to your property is high. If the person doesn’t have experience, they may cause a branch to fall or they may trim your tree in a way that leaves visitors to your property at risk. To reduce the potential liability and to safeguard your business, make sure you speak with the person completing the trimming work. Ask them about their expertise and experience and ensure it matches your expectations.

Book a Consultation in Advance

Another common mistake many property owners make is not booking a consultation in advance of the trimming work taking place. Some may only meet their trimming professional on the day the work is due to take place. And this might mean that the person isn’t right for the job. For example, you could find that they lack the required knowledge to complete the work. Ask that the trimming company provides you with a consultation before the work begins. This will allow you to ask questions about their expertise and to discuss the trimming process in greater detail.

Make Sure You Get a Full Price Quote

The quote you receive for the trimming work should include all elements of the process, from the trimming to the removal of debris. Make sure that you see documented proof of the quoted price before you move forward with the work. And ask the company’s team questions if you’re unsure about any of the details. For example, you should know what types of payment they accept and whether you have to pay in full immediately or if you can pay in installments.

Turn to Peel Exterior Maintenance for Tree Trimming Guidance

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