The Benefits of Using Interlocking Pavers for the Home Exterior

15 May 2018

Interlocking pavers are compact blocks of concrete for lining walkways, patios and driveways. They make a wonderful addition to any property because they are cheaper than other materials like concrete, asphalt or brick. They are more durable than the aforementioned materials and are more versatile, customizable and available in a variety of colours.

Interlocking pavement is more durable because of the way they are made and installed. They are manufactured by compacting concrete, instead of only pouring it. That makes them much more sturdy than poured concrete. They do not crack the way poured concrete does along shifting terrains. Their tinsel strength, combined with the way their installment process, contributes to their flexibility. They are installed on top of a paver aggregate and pea pebble, after which sand is used between the pavers to keep them from suddenly shifting. The pavement can even expand and contract along with the environment, allowing little shifts of movement here and there.

Pavers are more customizable, available in a variety of shapes and colours. They can be formed to the existing landscape and made into countless numbers of patterns. A combination of coloured pavers can be used to create a unique look. They can be used for patios, walkways and driveways. Using different designs and colours for each area can help distinguish or highlight the different spaces within a property.

Pavers offer easy maintenance, mostly involving sweeping and rinsing down with water. If a paver does happen to crack or stain, it is easy to fix. Replace the cracked or discoloured one with a brand new paver, and no one will even notice that a repair was made. Even replacing pavers and its components – the aggregate and pea gravel underneath the pavement – is an easy fix.

Pavers withstand temperature fluctuations, including freezing and thawing. They do not crack under extreme weather changes. They are very durable in the wintertime and allow for plowing and de-icing without destroying the pavement.

Another nice thing about interlocking pavement for a home exterior is that the pavement can be used right away. Concrete must be cured for days before the space is usable. Asphalt must be cured for hours before the space is usable. On the other hand, the space with interlocking pavers can be used immediately. Unlike with other pavements, it is not necessary to wait for the pavement or its materials to settle or solidify.

Interlocking pavers are a sleek and stylish way of decorating the home exterior. They are not only beautiful but also serve a practical purpose. They are a clean way of defining spaces on a property.

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