How Your Property Can Benefit From Commercial Landscaping

22 Jan 2020
How Your Property Can Benefit From Commercial Landscaping

Your exterior space is the first thing that anyone sees. It is essential in creating that first impression. There are many good reasons that companies opt to develop the exterior of their property. Whether you are looking to upgrade the look of your space or creating a brand new appearance for your organization, there are many benefits for commercial landscaping.

Some of the main reasons that companies decide to invest in commercial landscaping include the desire to attract customers, improve the atmosphere for employees and enhance the community.

Many municipal programs encourage businesses to develop the exterior space around their property. They often do so by offering tax benefits, contests — like Communities in Bloom — and other incentives. If you are looking for landscaping options for your commercial property, it is a good idea to inquire about some of these programs.

However, even if your municipality does not offer anything in the way of incentives, there are still many good reasons to landscape your commercial property.

What is commercial landscaping?

Similar to landscaping at your home, commercial landscaping refers to the development of a business’s outdoor space. This includes planning for the area, designing, installing and even maintaining the exterior look of commercial space.

However, commercial landscaping does differ from what is done for residential clients as the work on the property is meant to reflect the company’s personality or values. Moreover, if the landscaping is done on a commercial property where there are several businesses located, the work needs to reflect the values of all the companies.

While this may sound complicated, a professional commercial landscaping company is able to plan and design a look that suits any project.

Who can benefit from commercial landscaping?

Any organization with an exterior space can benefit from landscaping. This includes:

  • Offices
  • Retail stores
  • Rental and living complexes
  • Government buildings
  • Schools
  • Manufacturing or industrial buildings
  • Banks
  • Hospitality businesses
  • Private practices
  • Non-profit organizations

Organizations that want to create a good first impression can benefit from having professional landscaping done.

Benefits of Commercial Landscaping

There are a number of benefits that commercial landscaping can offer to organizations. These include:

  1. Attracting customers

    A beautiful appearance outside of your business can often draw in customers. This is because while many companies do not focus on the exterior of their property, those that do attract attention.

  2. Building your reputation

    Commercial properties with well-designed outdoor spaces get attention. It can communicate your company’s values and personality to the public. This is one of the ways that businesses can build a reputation or brand. Companies that beautify their exterior space gain a reputation as a company that cares.

  3. Improving the atmosphere for employees

    Another main reason to develop the exterior of your commercial property is to provide your employees with an attractive atmosphere. Green space allows your workers to spend some time away from their desks and refresh. This can help improve productivity as well as relationships between team members.

  4. Adding to your space

    The exterior space around your property is going to waste unless you start to use it. By landscaping the area, you can add extra areas where employees and clients can meet. Elements like benches, picnic tables or other seating areas can be used for new customers.

  5. Enhancing community

    Having your commercial property landscaped can add to the overall beauty of the neighbourhood. This can build your business reputation in the area, which can in turn, lead to more customers.

  6. Increasing your property value

    Adding in scenic elements to your commercial property can increase its market value. It can also help your property stand out from other commercial properties that do not have any landscaping features.

  7. Saving on energy bills

    Commercial space that has a good landscaping plan and design can help turn nature into a cost-saving measure for the business. For example, trees placed in the proper area can help reduce cooling bills in the summer or block snow and wind in the winter.

  8. Security

    By adding security features into your landscaping plan and design, you can help reduce crime around your commercial property. Open areas, plants and lights can be used to deter criminals from creeping around your space.

Types of Commercial Landscaping

When it comes to the type of landscaping that can be done to improve and enhance commercial property, there are several options. These include:

  1. Hiding harsh lines or angles

    Often landscapers will bring in plants like trees or shrubs to distract from architectural lines or angles. This can give the property a softer, more welcoming feel for visitors. It can even hide unsightly features like utility boxes that are on the property.

  2. Creating a calm environment

    Using water features can often bring a sense of serenity and calm to your space. This is an ideal type of landscaping for businesses that have busy offices or are located in city centres.

  3. Having a manicured look

    Commercial properties with a large outdoor space can create a polished look using plants, grass, fences and more.

  4. Reflecting values

    Landscaping can help communicate the values of the company or commercial property. For example, a garden space around apartments and condo buildings can create a homey feel. In the same way, environmentally-friendly businesses can reflect their values in the green space around their business.

There are several benefits to having your commercial property landscaped, however, to achieve the most from the design and look of your space, you should hire a professional commercial landscaping company. They can ensure that your property is able to accomplish these benefits.

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