How Landscaping Improves Warehouse Safety

01 May 2017

Warehouses are major assets for companies and as such, it is important that companies protect their investment. As you will see, many safety and security threats arise due to improper exterior maintenance, leading to accidents and major losses. However, landscaping can improve the safety and security of your warehouse.

Landscaping Reduces Security Camera Obstructions
Warehouses naturally become security threats because of the high-value items they hold. With all of the traffic they receive, often at night, warehouses can become targets and the losses can be significant—some of which businesses may never recover from. This security threat can be magnified without exterior maintenance, allowing the overgrowth of trees and vine plants to obstruct security cameras and light—the ideal conditions for criminals to operate under, because their activity can go undetected. Trees could also facilitate easy access to the premises, giving criminals the ability to climb trees and enter the warehouse.

Another harrowing situation is that improperly maintained trees, bushes and plants can hide property damage (like a security fence) for months on end, giving criminals the ability to return again and again, much better prepared each time.

Landscaping Reduces Accidents and/or Damage Caused by Improper Lighting
Many accidents occur during loading and unloading because of insufficient lighting. A lack of maintenance can create overgrown trees, plants and bushes that obstruct lights, putting those working at the site at a higher risk of being involved in an accident. It is imperative that entrances and exits, as well as loading docks and bays, have ample lighting.

Landscaping Eliminates Road Hazards
The roads around your property are also important for the overall safety of your property. Potholes can quickly become hazards, leading to damaged goods and other accidents when the roads are not properly maintained. Painted lines that prevent employees from entering dangerous areas can also become hidden from view without proper landscape maintenance, leading to potentially fatal accidents. Keep in mind that the condition of roads can quickly decline if there’s heavy and regular traffic, and it is imperative that they are kept in good condition.

Landscaping Services Monitor the Grounds For Unsuspected Hazards
Any number of hazards can arise on the grounds, from sharp objects to chemicals to name just a few. Landscaping services, however, monitor the grounds for any potential hazards and remove them immediately.

Landscaping Eliminates Structural Damage
Some plants—climbing vines such as ivy, for example—can cause structural damage to brick buildings. If not controlled, this can cause major safety issues for employees and costly damage to the building.

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