How Landscaping Can Improve Your Bottom Line

04 Sep 2019
How Landscaping Can Improve Your Bottom Line

Businesses realize the importance of creating a great customer experience and how that improves their bottom line. This includes everything from having simple and clear business signage and a clean work environment to being helpful and friendly when engaging with customers.

Before you can convert prospects into customers, you need to find an appeal with them from the moment they set their eyes on your business. This can include the appearance of your building exterior and landscaping.

A well-manicured lawn with fresh greenery and bright colours not only brings life to the outside of your building but also grabs the attention of customers. Aesthetics is a powerful tool when it comes to improving your business’ first impression. Creating a unique garden design with well-chosen landscaping features to welcome your clients or customers helps to reassure them that you’re the right business to work with.

Here are some ways that improving your curb appeal with landscaping can boost your business:

1. Makes you memorable

As an office or condo complex, you need to stand out from your competitors in order to attract clients. While a clean landscape can deliver this, taking care of your greenery can also make your premises more likely to be remembered by visitors as a beautiful place. A unique landscape design will definitely draw attention to either your business signage or towards the entrance, both of which contribute to brand recognition and potential sales.

2. Attract more prospects and customers

Researchers have found that customers tend to frequent specific businesses that have flowers, shrubs, and trees planted out front. Customers tend to spend more when dealing with businesses they consider good or appear neat and well-kept. This is because they perceive it as an indicator of efficiency, effectiveness, and a customer-centric business approach.

3. Promote loyalty

A proper mix of natural light with unobstructed views of a well-manicured landscape helps to ease stress for all and promote both the attraction and retention of employees and customers. If your scenery contains overgrown trees and bushes, unweeded flower beds, and brown dried grass, it can create a negative feeling among your employees and clients. This will leave them open and willing to try new businesses.

4. Increase the value of your property

Homebuyers and renters are likely to pay more and stay longer if their property has greenery because it looks more attractive and welcoming. In fact, reports suggest up to a 150% return on investment on landscaping services when selling a property. Similarly, if your business premises are neat and attractive, your clients and customers will consider you to be more professional. They will naturally expect to pay more for your services or products in exchange for superior quality.

5. Improve the health and wellbeing of your employees and visitors

Studies have shown that plants have psychological value too. Patients in a hospital with a view of a pleasing landscape tend to recover faster than patients whose view doesn’t contain any greenery. Similarly, psychiatrists often use plant care projects to facilitate the recovery of patients suffering from depression.

If neat landscapes are beneficial for unwell people, then it can have a positive impact on your employees and clients too. Well-designed landscapes can help your employees to relax and keep their spirits high at work for greater productivity. Moreover, your customers will be happier and more willing to do business with you.

6. Reduce your utility costs

A professionally designed landscape with strategic placement of trees to provide shade can help to lower your heating and cooling costs. In fact, research shows that a well-planned landscape intended to maximize energy efficiency can lower your energy costs by between 10 and 30 percent. You can request your landscape contractor to design your set up for optimal insulation, perhaps with shade for cooling effects during summer, a snow screen during winter, and protection from the elements when passing through the entrance or exit.

7. Appeal to eco-friendly clients

Going green is not a fad, but a status that individuals and businesses are actively seeking both indoors and outdoors. A beautiful landscape tells your customers and clients that you care about the environment. Demonstrate that you are using your profits for the good of the community around you. The effect of commercial landscaping is positive, broad, and diverse if well-planned and maintained.

When designing your landscape, you can choose native elements that require little water and maintenance and help purify the air. But more importantly, bring together essential elements, like maintenance-free prairie grasses, evergreen trees, and retaining walls. A proper water-runoff and drainage system gives a clear message that you care about the environment. People are becoming increasingly aware of conservation efforts, and your employees, partners, and clients will recognize yours as “good practice” and want to become a part of it.

Landscaping is Worth the Investment

As a business, you have a duty to both your employees and customers to ensure their needs are well met. A neat landscape will help keep your employees motivated, directly by taking a stroll to relax during stressful days and indirectly because of your company’s good reputation. It will also attract new clients and ensure the loyalty of existing customers by creating a pleasant and memorable impression from day one.

Some companies are afraid of the demands that may arise from landscaping, like cultivating and maintaining trees, bushes, flowers, grass, annual blooms, and any other plants, as well as the spacing requirements, watering needs, soil matching, nutrition, and so on. But you just need to find the right professionals to help enhance the image and overall appeal of your business through landscaping. Moreover, well-designed landscapes are much easier to manage than random trees and bushes, if you work out a proper schedule with a professional company.

The Professionals Make Landscaping Easy

The key to any landscape is ensuring good design and regular maintenance. While thick, green grass is attractive, scraggly brown grass is not. Overgrown shrubs, poorly shaped trees, and weed-filled flower gardens will not only attract pests and insects but also detract from your property’s overall appearance and possibly reduce its value. You need to invest in watering, pruning, disease prevention and treatment, insect control, and weed control.

This means working with professional commercial landscapers who have the equipment and experience necessary to tackle the landscaping needs of your commercial property.

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