Five Budgeting Tips For Your Commercial Landscaping Project

09 Aug 2017

When budgeting for your next commercial landscaping project, there are many factors to take into consideration. Commercial landscapingrequires many elements to get the job done but with these five budgeting tips, you’ll be able to complete your project without a headache.

  1. Learn from last year’s budget:
    Review the previous year’s landscaping budget and see where costs ballooned and where you were able to save money. Use last year’s budget as a guide when creating this year’s budget, to get an idea of where things will be needed and where they won’t. That way you’ll have an idea as to where you can save. Moreover, you’ll need to watch out for pricing. An item, materials, or service that cost a certain amount last year may have increased in price this year.
  2. Focus on highly-visible spaces:
    Any commercial landscaping project should have focal points. These are highly-visible spaces like entrances, amenity areas, and signage that people will see on your property. These spaces should be your top priority because they will be accessed daily and require the most care.
  3. Think of safety:
    Any areas that could be a liability need to be fixed ASAP. Take a look around your commercial property and take note of uneven turf, broken benches, cracked sidewalks, damaged stone walkways, lighting issues, and overgrown plants. Fixing these issues now will save you money in the long-term.
  4. Irrigation, irrigation and irrigation:
    The better your irrigation system, the better your property will look. Upgrade your system with new technology, like smart sensors and timers that will detect rainfall. The smarter your technology, the more money you’ll save on utility bills, which for a commercial property can be quite high.
  5. Be forward thinking:
    Consider the seasons and think about what can be done now to save time later. By considering the future of your commercial property and what the weather will bring, you can plan ahead and save a portion of your budget for winter maintenance. Or, you can ensure that seasonal issues are fixed before the weather changes.

The most important thing to remember when budgeting for your commercial landscaping project is hiring the right company. There are many commercial landscaping companies that will give you a good price but will they do excellent work? Find a reputable company that you trust, otherwise you’ll end up wasting money on shoddy services.