Eight Lawn Maintenance Services Your Office Building Needs This Fall

16 Oct 2019
Eight Lawn Maintenance Services Your Office Building Needs This Fall

Fall is the season of change; from falling leaves to pumpkin-spiced everything and cozy sweaters, there’s a lot to be excited about this season. But even Thanksgiving, Halloween treats, Instagram-worthy earthy orange tones, and cool breezes may not be enough to get everyone started on early mornings in the office as the days get shorter and the nights longer. With the end of the year in sight, the fall months bring a flurry of activities, ranging from annual performance reviews to project pitches for the upcoming year—and it’s important to get the entire office in the right mood and mindset to ace them.

Employees need a conducive office space to develop fresh, new ideas and bring their A-game to upcoming reviews and assessments. Once they step out for air or to clear their heads, you’ll want them to be able to do exactly that. This is where commercial lawn maintenance comes in.

The lawn spaces of commercial buildings require seasonal upgrades, serving both aesthetic and functional requirements. Whether that’s adding a splash of colour or seasonal decor to brighten gloomy days and improve company culture, or clearing out summer plants and preparing for the winter cold, there are various maintenance options for improving office gardens this fall. Gear up for the end of the year in modern corporate fashion with the following eight suggestions:

1. Fall cleanup

Commercial lawn maintenance simply would not be complete without a seasonal cleanup. A typical fall cleanup includes leaf removal, raking, garbage disposal, and mulching.

Upgrade the classic cleanup with a commercial lawn maintenance service that includes refreshing flower beds. This means having annuals removed and the beds trimmed or edged. This is also an excellent time to add a fresh layer of mulch to enhance protection for plants as temperatures drop while improving the exterior of the building.

2. Power wash

A power wash provides commercial properties with deep and thorough surface cleaning. As opposed to manual cleaning, power washing scrubs surfaces clean far more thoroughly to get rid of embedded dirt, grime, and debris, effectively washing away the harmful germs and bacteria they bring. Power washing also removes the mould and mildew that make surfaces slippery and pose safety hazards to employees and customers alike, effectively promoting a better office environment even on the outside.

3. Brighten up cold days

The beginning of fall brings a cool breeze and gorgeous shades of brown and orange, creating a cozy and earthy atmosphere in office gardens. But once the temperatures begin to drop and all the leaves are gone, you’ll want to create a relaxing and reenergizing visual display in your commercial lawn.

Revive the landscape with vibrant patio decor and accents, and create an enticing atmosphere for employees to relax in. Depending on corporate colours and branding guides, you can utilize the commercial lawn for displaying fun and colourful accents, such as seasonal gardening options that employees will love and find invigorating.

4. Decorate for the season

There are lots to celebrate in the fall, from Thanksgiving and Halloween to seasonal flavours and scents, and even counting down to the holidays. Get employees in the spirit and drive productivity for excellent year-end activities and evaluations, starting with creating a conducive and uplifting work environment.

Deck the building’s lawn and exterior with seasonal decor and staples, like pumpkins, corn stalks, holiday lighting, a refreshed fire pit, and furniture. While patio season may be over, employees and customers will inevitably still end up on the lawn or garden, whether it’s to quickly catch fresh air or simply pass by on their way to work or an appointment. Just the same, you will want to keep a clean, inviting, and refreshing environment. But don’t forget to check company policies or corporate branding guidelines before putting up decorations; ultimately, your goal should be to strike a balance between creating a welcoming atmosphere and maintaining a professional identity—even from the outside.

5. Utilize aeration or overseeding

Commercial lawns see peak traffic in the spring and summer months as everyone steps out of the office to catch some much-needed sun, but come fall, employees spend less and less time outdoors to escape quickly dropping temperatures. That’s what makes this season ripe for outdoor maintenance.

Compacted soils are busy and crowded with plants during the warmer seasons, and come the cold, flowers and shrubs slowly fall off and die to prepare to bloom again. Aeration is a great way to revitalize the soil in commercial lawns this season. This maintenance service is designed to improve airflow and water circulation in the soil, and when performed correctly, can help sustain the growth of turfgrass.

6. Winterize plumbing and irrigation

The harsh winter cold is known to damage plumbing systems, most notably seen in burst pipes, cracked valves, and damaged sprinkler systems. Outside, on commercial lawns, freezing temperatures can do much more damage to exposed irrigation systems that support garden plants. These damages often mean new—and costly—plumbing and irrigation installations or overhauls. All it takes to stop these from occurring is preventing water from freezing in these systems in the first place.

Commercial lawns, along with indoor plumbing systems, can greatly benefit from winterization. This means installing insulation for plumbing and irrigation systems and draining pipes, and installing backflow preventers and valves. When done early, winterization can help prevent water from freezing underground and building up as the days get colder. Investing in this maintenance service keeps plumbing and irrigation expenses in check, as opposed to the expensive bills brought on by building-wide damage.

7. Fertilize and get weed growth under control

As the leaves fall and branches become bare this season, it’s a good time to think about commercial lawn maintenance. This includes strengthening plant and turf roots to ensure survival in the winter, as well as rehabilitating turfgrass and refreshing the building landscape. To ensure successful regrowth in the spring, start with getting weed growth under control, and protect both turfgrass uniformity and quality. Keep in mind that different types of turfgrass require unique management and winter preparation, so make sure to inform a professional lawn maintenance service of the building landscape, or ask for an initial assessment to determine the right upkeep technique.

8. Plan ahead for spring

It’s never too early to think about warm, sunny days. After doing a thorough cleaning and maintenance of your office garden, start inviting the refreshing spirit of spring with spring bulbs. The best time to plant these flower bulbs are right before the freezing temperatures hit, and by the time the winter clears, the beautiful colours of these flowers will be sure to brighten up the commercial lawn and anyone’s day.

Clean up, rehabilitate, and utilize your office garden to foster a positive company culture amidst the year-end rush. For more on commercial lawn maintenance, talk to the experts at Peel Exterior Maintenance. Call us at (905) 873-8988 or contact us here.