7 Reasons Why Irrigation Is Important for Your Commercial Landscaping

01 Sep 2020
Why is irrigation important for your commercial landscaping?

Your company’s outward appearance — including any external landscaping — makes the first impression on your customers or clients. It’s essential to maintain it well, so it looks like an inviting place.

Let’s take a closer look at seven reasons why irrigation is vital for your commercial landscaping.

Aesthetic Benefits

Lawn maintenance on your commercial property will keep your lawn and gardens green and looking beautiful. What better way to welcome your clients and customers than with an aesthetically appealing property? Everyone loves the sight of green planters, flowers, and a green lawn, so having one will help you generate repeat business and customer loyalty.

Save Money

Not only is a visually-appealing commercial landscape beautiful to look at, but it can also save your company a lot of money. Automated irrigation systems are programmed to use the correct amount of water without being wasteful. In the long run, you will reduce your water bills compared to if you manually watered it yourself.

Environmental Benefits

Not only does a modern litigation system benefit your company image, but it also is good for the environment in several ways.

Healthy lawns absorb harmful pollutants such as ozone, sulphur dioxide, carbon dioxide, and a variety of other greenhouse gases. This process releases oxygen back into the air, making the air feel fresher. A healthy lawn also produces deep root systems that will prevent soil erosion in the future.

During the summer, healthy lawns and plants generate a cooling effect. This natural process helps decrease the use of the central air conditioner, which means an irrigation system can help reduce your energy bill in the summer.

Prevents Overwatering

Commercial lawn maintenance uses cutting-edge technology — such as water sensors, timers, and water gauges. These systems are carefully regulated to use the right amount of water. The goal of commercial irrigation is not to waste any water.

How does an irrigation system work to prevent overwatering? Before installing the irrigation system, our installation team will evaluate the size of the plot and assess if your commercial property has hills and slopes, sidewalks and sidestreets. If there are hills or slopes, we will manage the proper placement of above-ground sprinklers to distribute water evenly as the water flows downhill — without creating any floods or puddles.

The most efficient way we will be able to maintain your commercial property is by strategically placing water sprinklers on your lawn. These will evenly distribute water on your plants and grass without over watering or watering unnecessary areas, such as sidewalks.

Reduce Weeds and Fungi

Irrigation systems specifically target areas of your commercial property for watering. Specialized sprinkler systems — such as drip systems — are exceptionally reliable at watering the root systems of flowers, trees, and plants. Watering the roots in this way also helps to reduce the number of weeds popping up on your commercial property, as they will be deprived of water. Instead, the irrigation system only waters the correct plants, trees, and shrubs, giving them an advantage of weeds.

Along with preventing weeds from growing, an irrigation system can prevent the spread of fungi and other plant diseases. If you manually water the plants and shrubs yourself, it can result in the collection of standing water droplets on the leaves, which encourages fungi to grow. When our lawn irrigation systems distribute water evenly to your plants and shrubs, you will never have to deal with standing water on your commercial landscape.


Running a business is time-consuming, and the last thing you want to do is maintain the lawn yourself. The benefit of having a programmable irrigation system is convenience. It allows you to set the watering schedule weekly or daily and adjust the program, depending on the season. For instance, you can set the irrigation system daily during the summer months and set it weekly during the spring and fall.

Programmed irrigation systems take the guessing out of how much water your commercial property needs. Leave it to the sensor systems and timers to properly disperse the correct amount of water while operating your business.

Evaluate Annually

After you have had your irrigation system for the first year, we’ll give your irrigation an audit to help you improve water efficiency. With consistent, proper maintenance, we ensure that your irrigation system will continue to keep your business’s lawn looking great, whatever the weather.

Commercial lawn maintenance with irrigation comes with additional company expenses, but the returns are worth it. Irrigation systems improve the appearance of your company’s property, helping to make it a pleasant experience for visiting customers. Investing in irrigation can also reduce your water and energy bills — and helps the environment — by reducing water waste.

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