6 Landscaping Ideas to Spruce up Your Business This Holiday Season

22 Nov 2023
6 landscaping ideas to spruce up your business this holiday season

The holidays are a time of fun and festivities. From parties and celebrations, it’s great to see everyone embrace this time of year, regardless of how you choose to celebrate.

It’s a time for everyone to come together and enjoy the lights, music, and decorations; your business is no exception. By decorating and sprucing up your place of business to incorporate the feeling this holiday season brings, you can stand out from the crowd and be a place where people come to see and conduct business.

As there are many religious takes on this time of year, you can still be festive and neutral at the same time.

1. Coloured Stones

Depending on the type of business you have, you could make a family contest for employees and have the families paint pebbles or display rocks on the premises. They don’t have to depict anything, essentially Christmas or other celebrations, but the bright colours help to elevate pathways and planters.

The colours you use can represent any festive season and holiday and are interchangeable.

You can also paint larger rocks to make a more interactive display. It is simple to get started; just wash down the rocks with soap and water and use acrylic-based paint. You can create fun and imaginative designs.

It’s a fun project for people to get involved in, and you can offer prizes for the most colourful or original designs.

2. Festive Lighting

Adding a splash of colour to the existing lights can make it festive throughout the season.

These lights can make features of decorations in and around the property or create dazzling light shows on the sides of the building. Warmer colours help people forget the cold and snow, while cooler colours can embrace the winter and make something magical for everyone to enjoy.

Light displays are always entertaining, and with options like being set to music, you can create an immersive experience for all ages to enjoy. The bonus is that you can still incorporate your brand and brand promotion.

In the darkest of nights, a light show is a welcome beacon.

3. Decorations

From festive ornaments where flower beds used to be to hanging decorations in waiting areas and on doors, all bring the feeling of celebration wherever they are.

There is a fine line between doing too little and being seen as a Grinch and feeling like you are in Santa’s workshop on overdrive. You can implement decorations with a balance of exquisite and simplicity that will still drive people towards you and tell their friends about your awe-inspiring display.

As a company, you can take this to the next level by requesting donations and promoting a charity that means something to you. It draws people in to see you and helps something in need simultaneously.

4. Garden Art

Topiary is the precision art of shaping hedges into other things, like animals, to create impressive displays. A small amount of topiary could renew your hedges, and with some hanging decorations, you get a whole new look and feel to your landscaping.

You can do this any time of the year, so you are not limited to winter. With an appropriate amount of growth time between shaping, you can tailor your hedges to celebrate more than one season and be a year-round feature.

Teamed with decorative rocks, you can have people’s imaginations running wild about the fantastic winter wonderlands you transport them to.

5. Some Landscaping Upgrades

While the cold season can hit fast, there are some landscaping techniques you can use before the snow falls, and it becomes more about keeping people safe and removing the ice.

A popular choice for paving is typically paving stones or slabs. These can be arranged in different patterns to create the area you desire. However, Interlocking Stones are becoming a close second in choice, and it’s easy to see why.

These stones are made from concrete, and as such, they can have designs carved into them before they are laid in place. They are customizable and decorative in their own way.

While they must be professionally installed as they are heavy, they are a low-maintenance choice and offer a uniqueness that other companies won’t have.

6. Renewed Seating Areas

The colder days and nights require a new take on outdoor seating for clients and customers.

Free-standing heaters are one option, seat covers, and pillows are another, but so are things like a specifically constructed wall using locally sourced materials to create a windbreaker for people to take shelter in.

Even areas typically sheltered by larger trees can enjoy a new lease of life with a structure that protects from the elements while being festive in appearance and desired in function.

Keep The Festive Spirit All Year Round

Decorations come and go. Lighting works well in the darker months. Depending on the season, the topiary and seating areas can be customized and interchangeable.

The most significant change that can work for you all year round is upgrading the materials used in pathways and the flooring for seating areas. Interlocking stones are customizable, allowing permanent decor on the floor for people to enjoy while still being safe to walk over and easy to care for.

Sprucing up your commercial property is straightforward when you partner with the right company, and there are many different ways you can do this. Peel Exterior Maintenance is that company.

Peel Exterior Depots have these innovative stones on site for anyone to purchase. However, for our commercial customers, we can help you design and install them on your property.

Keep that festive spirit all year, and reach out to Peel Exterior Maintenance today by calling 1-888-290-1216 or contacting us online. Speak to one of our highly trained and knowledgeable staff about what you envision for the holiday season and every season.