5 Landscaping Ideas for Small Front Yards

14 Nov 2022
5 landscaping ideas for small front yards

The beauty of your home extends beyond just the interiors, and homeowners should keep their front yards as well-maintained as possible. Your home’s interior is not the only area that should be chic and good-looking. When working on your home’s exterior, you should consider investing in quality design landscaping that will be long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing.

Suppose you’re ready to begin decorating your home’s exterior. In that case, we have some easy yet beautiful landscaping ideas that you can use to achieve a chic look. A well-designed and easy-to-build plan are crucial for creating the most beautiful backyard.

Let’s look at some landscaping ideas for your front yard that you can implement on a budget:

Have A Walkway Running Across the Yard

A beautifully designed front yard with a paved walkway complements the overall design of your home and adds a finished look that boosts its broad appeal. When designing your walkway, you can go for a straight or curved path, depending on the size of your yard, and get it paved with interlocking stones that add a nice texture. Consider aligning it with garden beds and flower patches to integrate into the overall design.

Add A Paved Driveway

The front entrance of your home completes its entire look. You can have a trendy interlocking driveway that gives your home an upbeat and modern look. If you want to impress your guests or neighbors, you can get a customized design and walkway leading to your home. Consider adding paved lights on the sides for an aesthetic touch.

Have a Unique Looking Patio

Interlocking patios add a unique and modern look to your front yard and complete the landscaping design. If you have a small yard, don’t worry. There are hundreds of ways to design the patio to give your home a complete look. You can add extra texture, muted colors, and design elements to your yard for appeal. You can also add interlocking tiles to your patio to stand out from the surrounding green grass and save the effort required to trim and cut grass.

Install a Pool or an Outdoor Jacuzzi

If you want your yard to look fancy, add a small pool or a hot tub with surrounding interlocked tiles to improve the yard’s overall appearance and give the edges an extra safety aspect so that people don’t slip on them. Anti-slip surfaces are also available with interlocking stones to avoid this mishap, thus, making normally slippery surfaces around pools and jacuzzis safer for everyone in the house.

Add Garden Plants Around Your Landscaping

Cottage gardens are extremely cozy looking. They look very rustic, yet eco-friendly. Suppose your home is on the smaller side. In that case, you can get cottage garden-style landscaping that is easy to implement in your front yard. You can opt for a soft landscaping look by selecting a gravel path. Let your seasonal and colourful cottage garden plants add colour and aesthetic to your yard.

Sculpted shrubs like juniper and thuja will give your front yard a neat and manicured look without being extremely high maintenance. An annual trim is more than enough and can be done quickly at home. 

Why Should You Go for Interlocked Stones?

There are unlimited options when it comes to interlocked stones and tiles. There are endless colours, textures, and patterns to select. You can create a beautiful driveway that complements and enhances the look of your home.

Less Maintenance and Cost-Effective 

While most interlocked stones need some basic maintenance, especially during winter, it only requires as much maintenance as basic concrete and asphalt. Asphalt needs to be regularly sealed after you have used salts in winter.

Easy Repair

Interlocked stones are much easier to repair than concrete and asphalt. There are damaged or stained tiles and stones. They can be easily replaced by just removing those damaged sections. Suppose you have extra pavers from the original installation. In that case, you can use them later for future damage so that you won’t need to buy a fresh set that may not be available.

Durability and Flexibility

Interlocked paver systems are highly durable and flexible. They are a better option than poured concrete as it tends to get damaged faster by cracking or sinking. They also have a longer lifespan and need less maintenance and repair work than concrete. These systems flex with the movement of the underlying ground, expanding and settling during the freeze-thaw cycles.

For more information on what kind of interlock stones and pave ways would be most suitable for your home and style, contact Peel Exterior Maintenance. You can request a consultation where our experts can guide you with the best option for your budget and home. You can also book an appointment or call us at (888) 290-1216 to understand our offerings.