The 3 Ways Hospital Landscaping Promotes Health

23 May 2017

Researchers have long known the benefits of periods of outdoor time for those who spend the majority of their time indoors. Fresh air can help in maintaining peak health and keeping the mind fresh. Now, many hospitals are considering the impact their landscapes have on their patients and how they can improve their landscapes to promote patient health. Within this latest post, we’ll explore three of the ways in which hospital landscaping can help to promote health.

  1. Keeping Patients Active
    Keeping well-maintained grounds around the hospital can be a great way to ensure patients stay active as they recover within the building. The landscaping work can engage patients and motivate them to want to exercise, which can be important to improving recovery timeframes. By simply creating flower beds and keeping well-maintained pathways, landscapers can build an environment that incentivizes patients to take an active role in the healing process.
  2. Providing A Positive Environment
    Professional landscaping can provide hospital teams a positive and welcoming environment in which to take on the health care process. By having access to well-maintained gardens and immaculate flower beds from their windows, patients can gain a sense of serenity and comfort during the healing process. This can help them to remove stress from their day-to-day lives within the hospital and can encourage a calmer, more relaxed approach to the healing process. Building a positive environment from the outside-in can also help staff remain calm, supporting better patient-staff relations.
  3. Creating A Space For Conversation
    Many patients become lonely after an extended stay within the hospital. They’re often seeking ways in which to make a connection while they complete the healing process. Landscaping teams can help build an environment in which connections can take place. They can create seating arrangements in natural spaces to drive interactions. They can also create simple pathways between buildings so patients can achieve easier access to common areas. This is one way in which they can keep patients connected to their surroundings and those in their area and help them to achieve a positive outlook that can help reduce recovery time and keep them on the right track toward optimal health.

Our expert team has decades of experience in landscaping work for hospital institutions. We work with hospital teams to provide custom solutions to their unique environment challenges, and provide peaceful, calming landscapes designed to support patient health and comfort. To discover more on our latest landscaping services, call us directly today!