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Mulch can make a very pleasant aesthetic contribution to the landscape as well as offering several functional benefits as well. A well chosen mulch can provide a uniform colour and texture under trees or in gardens that accent the natural beauty of your landscape plants. It also moderates the temperature of the soil in the root zone making the plants the less subject to stress from extreme high or low temperatures. A good layer of organic mulch will also help to retain moisture in the root zone and suppress weeds. Peel Landscape Depot has a variety of mulches including pine bark nuggets, natural cedar mulch and coloured black and red mulches.


Mulch is used for 5 main reasons.

  • To suppress weeds
  • To add nutrients to the soil
  • To maintain moisture content for plant material in drought conditions
  • To protect against erosion
  • To insulate against temperature changes

Benefits of Mulch

Reduces surface evaporation from the soil, moderates soil temperature variances, improves water penetration, protects shallow-root plants from freeze damage and frost-heave, discourages weed growth and improves soil structure and nutrient availability as it decomposes. As well, it is aesthetically pleasing and gives your property curb appeal.

How to Apply Mulch

Clear the area to be mulched of any weeds, leaves and debris. Apply mulch to a layer of approximately 3 inches in depth. Weed cloth can be put down under the mulch to ensure a weed-free garden.

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