$719.99 each
Electric Chain Saws
$719.99 each
Sold by: MSE250C16, MSE250C18, MSE250C20

Powerful electric chain saw

This perfectly balanced electric chain saw is ideal for the professional user working where emissions or noise are a concern. This chain saw features the STIHL Quickstop® Super braking system, temperature overload indicator, side chain tensioner and patented filler oil cap. The MSE 250 C-Q has 1.8 kW power output and completes the top end of the new generation of high quality electric STIHL chain saws. A great power-to-weight ratio paired with the reduced noise - this saw is all bite - very quiet bark!

Technical data Value
Weight (kg / lbs) 5.7 / 12.5
Voltage (V) 120
Power Output (kW) 1.9
MSE250C16 MSE250C18 MSE250C20