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Should You Mulch Your Garden In The Winter Months?

12 Jan 2018

Once the temperature begins to drop, and winter is on its way, it’s time to mulch your garden (most of the time). Here’s why.

One of the main reasons for mulching in the winter months is that it will ensure that the ground stays frozen by protecting it from the sun.

Essentially, it will keep the temperature consistent and ensure that your plants stay dormant, therein preventing them from growing during a particularly warm day.

Otherwise, the rapid freezing and thawing can cause shallow-rooted plants to heave out of the ground, which you want to avoid.

Not only will mulching in the winter months prevent any early growth from happening, but it will also conserve any water that is currently contained in the soil.

Lastly, mulching in the winter months will also will protect roots from quickly freezing and protect them from very wet soil. As a result, you will be left with a better garden once spring arrives.

How To Mulch The Garden In the Winter

Any loose material that can serve as insulation will work as mulch. However, remember that you will have to remove it once spring arrives, so you should choose a material that will not be difficult to remove.

Some good options here include shredded mulch, straw, pine needles, or even shredded leaves. However, if you can count on a thick layer of snow for most of the winter, the easiest option of them all is to simply allow snow to serve as mulch.

You can begin removing the winter mulch as soon as the ground starts to thaw. This will allow the ground to warm so that new growth can begin.

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