The Best Tools for Garden Landscaping You Don’t Own Yet

01 Aug 2022

If you want to turn your yard into the beautifully landscaped garden of your dreams, you need the right tools for the job. Even if you have already created your ideal yard, you might be wasting valuable time trying to maintain it with the wrong equipment. An experienced gardener knows the value of using the best tools available.

Keep reading to learn about the garden landscaping products that we recommend to every gardener!

1. Bypass Pruners

Bypass pruners are the most popular hand pruners available. It has two curved blades that bypass each other (like your average pair of scissors). One blade is sharpened, one is not. The sharpened blade glides against the unsharpened blade, resulting in a sharp, clean cut. This precise cut won’t damage the plant.

Some bypass pruners have an ergonomic design to fit comfortably in your hand. This makes it comfortable to use even after several hours of rigorous gardening.

There are a few things you can do to maintain your bypass pruners, ensuring that they stay in good working condition for many years. First, if you own a pair of metal bypass pruners, store them in a dry place to avoid rust. Second, use WD-40 or other oil around moving parts. Some bypass pruners can be sharpened and come with a lifetime guarantee.

2. Bypass Pruning Loppers

These are the longer versions of bypass pruning shears. Whereas pruners are used for smaller plants, loppers take on larger stems and branches. Anything between 1-inch and 2-inches in diameter gets the pruning loppers!

Experienced landscapers choose bypass pruning loppers over anvil loppers because of the clean cut. Whereas anvil loppers tend to crush stems, bypass loppers deliver a sharp cut that doesn’t damage the plant or bush. However, be mindful that dead and dry branches can bend the blade on bypass loppers.

For maintenance, it’s the same as with the shears. Be sure to store them in a cool, dry place. Additionally, clean and oil all moving parts after use!

3. Hula Hoe

The hula hoe is known by many names. For example, action hoe, wiggle hoe, stirrup hoe, or scuffle hoe. They all refer to this fantastic weeding tool.

With the hula hoe, weeding is turned into a quicker and more enjoyable experience. Using a push-pull action, the hula hoe gets under the soil and cuts through the weeds. It then tills the soil as you pull it out.

The hula hoe is so effective because it severs the weed roots in the ground with its thin, oscillating blade. In fact, you can expect your total weeding time to be cut in half once you start using the hula hoe!

4. Weed Claw

The weed claw (or weed popper or stand-up weeder) is another excellent weeding tool that will optimize your weeding experience. It has a serrated claw at the bottom, just below a small ledge for your foot. When you press down with your foot, the claw descends around the weed and pops it out. Just give it a slight twist and that weed will be out of there!

One significant advantage of using a weed claw is that it saves your back after a long day of gardening. With the weed claw, you weed standing up. There’s no more bending or stooping.

5. Power Edger

A power lawn edger is essential for achieving those clean lines throughout your yard and garden. For example, you want all walkways, paths, and garden bed edges to be clearly defined. These sharp edges are aesthetically pleasing and help guide the eye through the landscape.

You can choose from a gas, electric, battery, or push-powered lawn edger. Electric edgers are the lightest option, which makes them an ideal option for many homeowners. However, some people may find the cord cumbersome. Gas-powered edgers are the heaviest while battery-powered edges are somewhere in the middle.

When purchasing a lawn edger, ensure that it has a blade guard for safety. It’s also helpful to choose a model with an adjustable cutting depth and an easy-to-replace blade.

6. Hedge Trimmer

Messy and unruly hedges can ruin the aesthetic of your garden. In fact, without regular maintenance and trimming, hedges and bushes can quickly overwhelm your yard. For a beautiful, manicured, and contained hedge, you are going to need a hedge trimmer.

Hedge trimmers come in corded electric, cordless battery-powered, and gasoline models. As with lawn edgers, electric hedge trimmers are the lightest option. They’re also far quieter than their gasoline cousins. Similarly, battery-powered hedge trimmers are light and quiet. However, always check the average run-time before purchasing!

There are also single-sided, double-sided, and pole versions. Single-sided hedge trimmers are used for trimming long and straight stretches, whereas double-sided is best suited for shaping shrubs and bushes when manoeuvrability is key. Pole trimmers allow you to trim hard-to-reach places.

Transform Your Garden!

Garden landscaping needs more than just a green thumb- you need the right equipment. For example, bypass pruning shears and loppers are the best way to trim plants without damaging them. Additionally, using a hula hoe or a weed claw can make weeding a breeze! Lastly, to accomplish beautiful aesthetics throughout your yard, don’t forget to use a power edger and hedge trimmer.

Not only will these tools make your yard look better, they also make maintenance easier and faster.

And for those times when even the best equipment fails to make your landscaping project easier, Peel Exterior Maintenance can help. We offer commercial landscaping services that will transform your outdoor space. Furthermore, our maintenance services preserve your landscape throughout the harsh winter months.

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