How to Use Gravel in Commercial Landscape Design

01 Feb 2021
How to Use Gravel in Commercial Landscape Design

Attractive landscaping is essential for your commercial property. Perception matters for any business, and an aesthetically pleasing property will draw clients to your company.

When you plan to add landscaping to your commercial design, gravel is a material that has various benefits and is of excellent quality. Landscape gravel in Brampton adds a sophisticated element to your design without the high price tag. Below are some creative ways you can use gravel in your commercial landscaping design.

Types of Gravel Used

First, you’ll want to choose gravel that is ideal for your business. For your commercial space, many types of gravel would make a statement for your property, including the following:

Crushed rock: This type of gravel is popular for driveways, walkways, and in gardens and patios. Since it is rougher in texture and appearance, it can add a more polished look.

Pea gravel: Pea gravel is also used for pathways, but is smaller in shape. It functions well for adding space between flagstones and in flower beds. Plus, there are a variety of colours to choose from so that you can get inspired.

River rock: These rocks are available in both small and large sizes, and their smooth texture is ideal for ponds and garden areas. They have also been known to form garden borders and contribute to drainage around creek beds.

Decomposed granite: Decomposed granite takes weathered pieces of granite and creates a rustic aesthetic. Generally, it comes in a terracotta colour palette for some extra vibrance to the landscape. This type of granite is used to form pathways or an added touch to trees and plant life.

Now that you know how gravel is used and for what purpose, you can choose the following projects:

Elegant Walkways

A walkway can be an inviting structure that sets the tone for your business. By using decorative gravel for your walkway, you can add an elegant touch that is easy to install and low in cost. It can also add colour, depth, and texture.

In addition to its attractive look, gravel is resistant to foot and vehicle traffic. It also has strong drainage capabilities and is easy to maintain. For an impactful design, choose large stones, and feel free to update it at a later date. Additionally, smooth gravel will make walking much easier for customers or employees.

If you currently have a paved driveway at your business, you can use it around the edges to improve the look and to add benefits like drainage, erosion, and more. When you hire a professional landscaping team with an excellent track record, like Peel Exterior Maintenance, you can make your business more reputable.

A Decorative Touch for Trees and Shrubs

Gravel can add colour and depth near trees and shrubs. Adding this outdoor element is simple since it only requires a few bags of stones. They also double as mulch because they never rot or get blown away. Since they stay in such good shape, you can expect them to always look stunning without much maintenance.

A Fresh Look for Company Gardens

If your company is lucky enough to have a garden, there are various ways to add gravel to your landscape design.

Zen gardens can bring a peaceful element that incorporates rocks. This enclosed space is generally filled with gravel and rocks with different shapes, and the stone is raked to emulate moving water.

Gardens can also include a gravel path to amplify their looks. Depending on the colour choice and textures, pathways can create a tranquil spot for your employees or customers. These pathways are long-lasting and require minimal updates if any.

Garden beds can utilize pea gravel and are used as a variation to soil and mulch surrounded by plants. Pea gravel is also beneficial in reducing weed growth, enhancing a plant’s roots, stopping soil evaporation or erosion, and making drainage easier.

This type of gravel is smooth and round in shape, and is available in any colour that suits your garden style. Since the rocks are smaller, they are best maintained by placing landscaping cloth on top before the gravel is poured over them. Be sure to add bigger stones near the garden beds so that the pea gravel will stay put.

Another benefit of gravel for your commercial garden is that it utilizes edging, which improves a garden’s appearance and draws the eye to all the landscape’s plant life. Since pea gravel can be placed elsewhere, using bigger stones is essential for anywhere that people walk the most in the landscape.

Now that you know how gravel can be used for your commercial landscaping project, you can come up with some creative ideas or get in touch with a professional landscaping company to get their feedback.

Let Us Take Care of Your Gravel Landscaping Project

At Peel Exterior Maintenance, we provide first-rate customer service to our commercial customers, as well as all the information they need. We know that your business wants to look professional and appealing to its customers, so we can help you achieve the desired results. Get in touch with us today to find out more. We look forward to helping you use gravel for your next landscaping project!