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Get a Natural Look with Stone Veneer

Posted on 26-05-2016

fotolia_107289005Stone has historically been used to add character and aesthetic value. The latest trend is the use of lightweight manufactured stone and thin cut natural stone veneers to highlight a particular area of your home. Stone veneers are excellent for interior and exterior installations and are a do-it-yourselfer's dream.

They mimic the look of full bed stone without the weight, architectural requirements and costs of a major installation. These are widely used on fireplaces, backsplashes and exterior walls of your home. Veneer offers an affordable way to give outdated facades new life and a modern look.

fotolia_99416231At Peel Landscape Depot you will find a wide selection of manufactured and natural stone veneers. Which one you choose will depend on the look you want, budget restraints and the location of the proposed installation. We carry a wide array of product from our partners: Dutch Quality Stone, JR Stone, OMS and Masonal Stone. Visit our showroom in Georgetown today to see a superb display of our entire product lineup!

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