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5 Commercial Clean Up Must-Do’s For Fall

Posted on 15-11-2017

Remember, your landscaping says a lot about your business. In order to protect it and keep your lawn looking great once falls roll around, there are a few maintenance items every business must do during the fall season. Take a look below.

  1. Clear Away Annuals and Weeds & Cut Back

    Before seeds drop, clear away old annuals and weeds. Also cut back any old perennials that could become hiding places for various pests like slugs and snails.

    Keep in mind that dried flowers and ornamental grasses can be left as they provide food for birds.

  2. Water Your Plants One Last Time & Freshen Up Your Garden Beds

    Remember that your plants are still thirsty during the fall season. To prevent your plants from entering the winter season dehydrated, ensure that you water them one final time before putting your sprinklers away for the year. You can also freshen up your garden beds with mulch.

  3. Fertilize Your Lawn

    Taking the time to quickly fertilize your lawn at some point during the fall season will ensure that your lawn’s root health is maintained and that any nutrients that were lost during the summer months are replenished. When it comes to fertilization, it is always optimal to do it at time when the plants are still absorbing nutrients, so it is advised to do this as early as possible in the fall season.

  4. Aerate the Soil and Reseed

    Foot traffic can cause compacted soil, which effectively cuts off oxygen and nutrients to the roots. In order to have a healthy-looking lawn once spring arrives, aerating the soil and reseeding can have a big impact. Aerating the soil opens up the roots to allow them to breathe again, creating a healthier lawn once spring arrives. Once the lawn is aerated, follow this up with reseeding the lawn. Fall is the best time of year for it as it ensures that turf roots are established before winter sets in.

  5. Pick Up Leaves

    For every business, time is money. Picking up leaves is an inevitable task, but one that is best done during the fall months when the leaves are less likely to be wet, heavy and dirty, ultimately making the task a lot less time consuming in the fall.

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