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4 Sustainable, Eco-Friendly Landscape Designs (Environmentally Friendly Designs)

Posted on 12-02-2018

Eco-friendly landscape design is all about conserving water and energy and reusing materials. Of course, eco-friendly landscape design is not only beneficial for the earth; it will also reduce your landscaping costs over time and also minimize garden maintenance.

With this in mind, here are 4 sustainable, eco-friendly landscape ideas.

  1. Reuse Materials

    One of the best ways to achieve eco-friendly landscape design is by simply reusing materials like brick, stones, glass, and so on. The idea here is to avoid buying anything new.

    Also consider upcycling what you already have or contacting local building sites for possible salvageable materials.

  2. Practise Xeriscaping

    When it comes to eco-friendly landscape design, you will hear the term ‘xeriscaping’ a lot. If you’re not familiar with it, xeriscaping is a type of landscaping that is about reducing the need for additional water.

    Typically, this means choosing plants that are native to your particular location (and, therefore, that particular level of expected rainfall).

    Another way to make your landscape design more eco-friendly is by choosing low-maintenance plants in general as, again, this conserves water while still contributing positively to the environment. A great option is to choose drought-resistant plants.

    Examples include the typical suspects of cactus and yucca but also ornamental grasses. Marigolds, tulips, and pansies are also drought-resistant.

    Clover is also naturally insect-resistant and does well against weeds, reducing the need for pesticides and weed killer.

  3. Use Decorative Garden Stones

    Decorative garden stones are another eco-friendly landscape design option given that they are entirely natural and don’t require any resources to maintain them.

    Not only are they available in a range of different colours, sizes, and so on, but they can be placed in a number of different shapes to create very aesthetically pleasing landscape designs.

  4. Plant Hedges Instead of Building Fences

    If you are thinking of building a fence, opt for planting hedges or a living garden wall instead. This will serve as a great space for wildlife.

    Alternatively, choosing sustainably harvested materials for fences and decks is another environmentally friendly option.

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