3 Ways Commercial Landscaping Drives Customer Retention

10 Jul 2018

When you manage a commercial property, you have a number of different responsibilities. The security of the property is part of your job, as are the internal responsibilities and interactions with your tenants. It’s a lot to deal with, and then on top of that, you have to manage the commercial landscape of your property. This chore is often one of the most time-consuming you’ll have as a commercial property manager, but it can also be the most valuable time you spend.

There are a huge number of benefits to commercial landscape maintenance. When you secure a high-quality maintenance professional to take care of your property’s lawn, shrubs, trees, and other gardens, your property is kept at its best health. This decreases the costs incurred when you have to replace dead grass or uproot overgrown landscape plants.

You also won’t have to worry about unstable and hazardous trees causing potential dangers on the property. If you have an aesthetically pleasing exterior, this also speaks wonders about the care you put into your building and your business. It can have a positive effect on your overall reputation.

Landscaping is especially impactful because it has a direct effect on your customer retention. These are the three main benefits of landscaping that a high-quality maintenance team can help you attract customers, and retain them once they’ve come through the door.

1. The exterior of a building reflects the interior

Commercial landscaping is a great way to create a unique and personalized outdoor setting that reflects the tastes of your business. Everything about the landscape should be tailored to welcome your potential clientele and make them feel at home. Studies show that when a business district is “greened,” meaning that the landscaping and gardening are attended to, the overall pride in the community increases. There’s also a more positive perception of the area, which draws customers into the businesses.

When you offer beautiful commercial landscaping, you’ll attract the attention of your current clients. You’ll also be noticed by any other potential clients who are driving or walking by. More studies indicate that a driver will notice a roadside business more easily when said business is framed by vegetation.

A potential client will see the care you take of the space. They assume that this level of care goes into all your work, from your landscaping to your business practices to your attention to clientele. If you take the time to have a beautiful exterior landscape, the message is simple: I care about things, and I’ll care about you too.

An added bonus is that you’ll show your clients that you care about the environment as well. The average client is attracted to environmental care, both on a conscious and subconscious level.

2. You’ll increase employee happiness

Multiple studies have been done to show that people who work surrounded by nature are more likely to work effectively than people who work in drab office parks. When you create a peaceful outdoor area, you encourage your employees to have a positive mindset. You can also boost the overall health of your employees.

When an employee has a view of plants outside the workplace, they’re less likely to feel pressured over their job and more likely to report job satisfaction. Conversely, workers who have no outside view, or who only view man-made objects, are more likely to be unsatisfied and stressed. Employees with views of nature also report substantially fewer headaches and general ailments than employees without a view. This might be attributed to the natural view mitigating some of the strain from looking at screens.

Psychologists have documented a phenomenon in which people accessing green spaces and plants feel more rested, even if they’ve had the same amount of sleep as a person experiencing only urban cityscapes. This restful feeling promotes the productivity of your employees.

When you have happy and healthy employees, your clients notice. It’s obvious in the way your employees conduct themselves around the workplace, and it’s also obvious in the work they’re willing to do.

3. Businesses with green spaces are more successful

The University of Washington has released a report proving that both flowers and greenery are attractive to shoppers. They’ll draw people into a business, especially when the greenery is an oasis in the middle of an urban landscape. When a retail and business district is lined with trees, the restful feeling encourages patrons to stay there and shop for longer periods of time.

After a customer arrives at the business, studies have shown that consumers are increasingly willing to pay premium costs in order to patronize a business that has high-quality landscaping. Small businesses are aware of this trend, and many people even choose their storefront based on how much open space they have. It’s also popular to look for business areas that exist in close proximity to the parks and recreation part of town.

In fact, small businesses have stated that open space, along with parks and recreation proximity, is the number one most important factor when they select a site for their store.

Increase Your Success With Commercial Landscaping

These are just three of the many ways that commercial landscaping will improve your business. You’ll make your clients happy, help promote employee happiness and health and encourage clients to stay longer and shop more. If you manage a commercial property and want to invest in landscaping, don’t be overwhelmed. A landscaping company can assess the space and help you decide on the best possible landscape for your budget and aesthetic.

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