Your Spring Landscaping Goals

14 Mar 2019
Your Spring Landscaping Goals

It’s coming to the end of the winter season here in Ontario, and many home and business owners are now considering home landscaping and the options they can choose in order to improve their home. Our team at Peel Exterior Maintenance has many years’ experience in the landscaping industry, and we understand the challenges that many homeowners face in achieving their ideal landscaped lawn. In this new post, we’ll explain how to set and achieve your landscaping goals for the coming spring months.

Build a Low Maintenance Garden

While many homeowners like the look of a beautiful garden as they gaze out from inside, most don’t want to spend much time maintaining the space. You might be comfortable spending a day or two a month tending to flowers and pulling weeds, but you probably don’t want to spend each hour of free time carefully cutting plants and maintaining flower beds. Working with a low maintenance garden is the best way to enjoy your new landscaping this spring.

Create a User-Friendly Space

The garden space should be designed so that it’s user-friendly, and so that you can take full advantage of the area when the warmer weather arrives later in the year. By taking the time now to plan this user-friendly space, you can ensure it’s ready for when guests arrive and you host events at your property during the spring and summer. For example, one consideration might be pathways to key areas of the yard. Can you make it to each area of the yard easily without having to go across lawn spaces or flower areas? Keep the paths within the yard easy to follow and ensure that they fit with the general design of the property.

Choose Durable Elements

When turning to new elements to add to the exterior landscape of your home, it’s critical to choose products that are going to stand the test of time. Try to select classical products rather than simply following the latest trends, as this can help to ensure you reap the full value of your investment. Durable additions to your space might include stone centrepieces and wooden benches. You might also consider adding a new patio space that brings additional value to the entire property. When consulting with your landscaper, find out more about the true value of the addition and ensure you achieve a lasting investment in return.

Invest in Your Sprinkler System

If you haven’t already upgraded to the latest automated sprinkler systems, you might consider doing so for the coming spring and summer season. The latest automated systems are designed to be operated from your mobile device and can be used effectively when you’re not at home to ensure optimal home maintenance. On days when it’s supposed to rain, you can simply change the cycle so that the sprinkler system is not activated. It gives you full control over your lawn care and adds simple convenience to the lawn maintenance process.

Booking a Qualified Landscaping Company

Now that you know a little more about the considerations for your landscaping goals in the coming months, take the time to select a qualified company to help you in reaching your goals. Make sure you take the following into consideration in selecting a qualified landscaping company:

  • Their experience

How many decades of experience does the company have within the marketplace? Are they able to prove this experience to you? Ensure that when you’re speaking with the company that you find out exactly who will be doing the work on your home, and explore that person’s experience level. Are they experts in using the necessary equipment? Can you speak with the person directly before they begin the work? These are key questions to consider when selecting a landscaping company.

  • Their areas of expertise

If you want to have a sprinkler system installed in your home, the company completing the work should be experts in sprinkler integration. They should know the process comprehensively and be able to plan for adding your new unit to the property. If you have a specific request for a new addition to the property, find out more about the company’s expertise in that area and only move forward if they can prove their understanding of your request.

  • Discuss total cost

The total cost of the landscaping work will be a leading consideration when you’re comparing vendors for the project. Oftentimes, it can be difficult for companies to provide you with an exact price for the total service, due to potential changes you might wish to make during the home upgrade. But the company should be able to work within your budget and guarantee the quality of their work. Find out more about the total cost of the project from their team, and ensure you have a documented estimate before they begin any work.

  • Review the project schedule

Landscaping work should be completed within a certain timeframe. One major mistake that many homeowners make when planning their landscaping projects is not discussing the total estimated time the work will take. Try to find out as much as possible about the company’s working process; when will they arrive at the home? What happens if the weather changes during the project? Last but not least, be sure to ask for an estimated time to completion for the project. This can help to give you peace of mind in case you require the work completed by a certain date.

Working with an experienced landscaping company can help homeowners consolidate their home upgrade costs and meet their landscaping goals for 2019. Our team at Peel Exterior Maintenance has many years of experience in this industry and we’re here to guide you. To learn more about our company and the full range of spring landscaping services we offer, contact us today.