Organic Lawn & Garden Fertilizer

Magic Carpet Fertilizer (25-5-10)

Peel Landscape Depot carries a wide variety of fertilizers to help your lawn and garden look its best. Plants have nutrient requirements that may vary not only from one species to another, but also from one stage of development to another and one time of year to another. Peel Landscape Depot makes it easy for you to choose the correct fertilizer with many of our fertilizers labelled specifically for the plants they are intended to be used on. For example, there is an Early Spring Lawn Fertilizer, Late Spring Lawn Fertilizer, Summer Lawn Fertilizer and a Fall Lawn Fertilizer. We also have a Tree & Shrub Fall Fertilizer as well as a Tree & Shrub Spring Fertilizer and specific fertilizers for each of roses, clematis, cedar hedges, hydrangeas and tomatoes.
For the growing organic movement, Peel Landscape Depot can provide organic fertilizers derived from various plant and animal sources including bone meal, blood meal, corn gluten meal, alfalfa meal, sheep manure, cattle manure, kelp extract, fish hydrolysate and more. If you’re into organics, ask about our organic pest controls including diatomaceous earth, Bacillus thuringiensis, nematodes, lady bugs, pray mantis egg cases and more.


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