As we head into fall, it's time to take a break and smell the flowers!
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Decorative River Rocks Landscaping Supplies

Home owners want their garden and front yard look as beautiful as possible. Even with the most beautiful selection of plants, including those that boast colorful foliage and incredible flowers, it can still seem that something is missing. The addition of decorative stones can give your garden a whole new, fresh look. Natural stone gives your space some texture and hardiness. Use smaller stones such as pea gravel or red terrastone as mulch, particularly for your trees. This is a great and natural way to utilize natural stone in your garden or front yard, not only for landscaping purposes but also to help the plant retain moisture in its soil. Stone is a much better material to use for this purpose due to the fact that it is natural and extremely hardy, and it will not break down for years and years, even in the worst weather conditions.

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