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Why Your Garden can use some Mulch

Posted on 09-05-2016

fotolia_88439978Many people use mulch in their gardens for an aesthetic reason. It highlights garden beds and gives a nice tidy appearance. Mulch has many beneficial properties as well:

  • Inhibits weed germination and growth. (Weeds are not only unsightly, but they also steal resources from desirable garden plants!)
  • Holds in soil moisture, protecting your plants from drying out quickly
  • Moderates soil-temperature fluctuations (This benefit is especially valuable during that turbulent-weather period in spring when you don’t want your plants to be stressed)
  • In cold-winter areas, protects plant roots from winter cold and helps prevent frost-heaving, in which plants are literally pushed out of the ground but the natural expansion and contraction of the soil as it cools off and heats up
  • In hot-summer areas, helps keep plant roots cooler
  • Depending on what you use, adds a bit of welcome nutrition to your garden as it breaks down

Garden maintenance in spring doing the mulchingDepending on what you use, adds a bit of welcome nutrition to your garden as it breaks down. At Peel Landscape Depot we offer a variety of colours of mulch available in small bags, large 1 yard bags per yard loose for delivery. Come visit our 5000 square foot showroom to get product and design ideas for your home!

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