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When Is the Right Time to Have Your Lawn Fertilized?

Posted on 06-04-2020

A healthy, green lawn on your commercial property shows the world that you know how to take care of business. With the coming of spring and the first blooms, now is a great time to start fertilizing your lawn so that it can reap the benefits over the next few months.

A great looking lawn sends the right message to your clients and helps showcase just how well your business thrives. To keep your lawn in tip-top shape, you should consider professional lawn care and maintenance for your commercial property.

Knowing when and how to properly fertilize is imperative to maintain a healthy, vibrant lawn. While it can be conveniently left to professionals for best results, here are some tips for fertilizing your lawn so that your grass stays green and your company’s brand stays strong!

Spring is Optimal

It’s no surprise that spring is the best time to start fertilizing your lawn. The soil temperature starts to warm up, and flowers begin to blossom in April, which means that your lawn is ready for growth. You should ideally start fertilizing in April, have a second feeding in May, and then continue periodically into the colder months.

From early spring to late fall, there should be approximately 4-5 fertilizer applications in total, and you will want to spread these out so they occur every 6-8 weeks. If you want the best results, make sure to properly apply your fertilizer in the first couple of spring sessions to promote the growth of your lawn. Sometimes you may need an application of fertilizer in the winter to maintain the health of your lawn through the cold season.

More Water, More Fertilizer

As a general rule, remember that the more you water your lawn, the more fertilizer it will need. This is especially true if you use a sprinkler system on your lawn regularly. Grass that is growing quickly needs nourishment from fertilizer so that it doesn’t end up dry and dead looking.

When fertilizing your lawn, be mindful of how and when you water your grass. For example, some fertilizers require you to water your lawn before application instead of afterwards, so you will want to pay close attention to these instructions.

Use the Right Mix

Choosing a fertilizer for your lawn is another important step. You’ll want to do some research to know what the numbers on the labels mean. The numbers show how much nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium is in the fertilizer.

As well, research the needs of your lawn and choose a good mix that’s appropriate for the season you are in. Opting for a slow-release fertilizer can help you save time between applications.

Use Granules

Granular fertilizer is easier for the typical individual to apply evenly and correctly. While professionals usually have better equipment and techniques for using liquid fertilizer, the average individual likely won’t have access to this equipment. In order to still get the job done, use granules for a simple application with no fuss.

Don’t Overdo It

One thing you don’t want to do is overapply your fertilizer. To begin with, spread your fertilizer at about half the manufacturer’s suggested rate so that you don’t run the risk of overapplication. Too much fertilizer on your lawn could result in dead grass; it’s better to apply less than to apply too much.

Hire a Professional for Best Results

Professional landscapers have the right equipment and knowledge to get the job done in less time. They know what factors to consider, such as the weather forecast, season, and how to identify the type of fertilizer that’s best for any particular lawn. If you really want your lawn to thrive and for visitors to be impressed, you should think about professional commercial lawn maintenance and landscaping.

Now that you have some tips on proper lawn fertilization, there’s no reason why your grass shouldn’t be the greenest. If you decide to leave your lawn care to the professionals, our team is readily available and willing to do what it takes to maintain your commercial lawn, regardless of the size or work involved.

For more information on commercial lawn maintenance and professional lawn care, call Peel Exterior Maintenance Inc. today at 1-888-290-1216 or contact us here.

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