Time for a New Paving Strategy

23 Jun 2016

Paving 1When you glance at a house, your eyes are trained to look up and capture all the features of the home: the polished doors, clear windows and the uniform walls among other standouts. Where your eyes land afterwards is much lower towards the ground, at the green yard and the sturdy pavement that guides you toward the home.

Reinventing your property starts from the bottom up, with the foundation of your house’s surrounding area, adding life to the building itself. An important part of that surrounding area is the pavement, and interlocking brick pavement has become an increasingly popular choice for this space.

It holds many advantages over competing options. Interlocking bricks are more flexible and durable, giving them decades of lifespan. Where concrete would crack over years of the freeze-thaw cycle, interlocking bricks remain sturdy, and in the rare case that individual stones acquire damage, they’re easy to replace.

Paving 2They also make economic sense considering the low cost of material, installation and maintenance. They are versatile enough to be used for driveways, patios, pool areas and garden decorations. Not to mention, there’s a dizzying number of colours, shapes and textures of interlocking paver stones, leaving you with the task of deciding what looks best for your home!

At Peel Landscape Depot, we offer a wide variety of interlock paving stones from our suppliers Techo-Bloc and Permacon, providing you with quality material and choice to let your artistic expression run free, turning your house into a home.