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Eight Landscaping Tools You Need for Spring

Eight Landscaping Tools You Need for Spring

Posted on 17-04-2019

As the weather across Canada starts to warm up, more and more people are heading back outside. It is now time to think of how to make your commercial landscape area and your backyard inviting places to be for the summer season. We have some tips for you to get your yard and commercial property ready and looking its best.

Landscaping Secrets for Your Home

Preparing your home garden and yard for the warmer weather is one of the ways that Canadians usher in the changing of the seasons. For many, it is an enjoyable way to spend leisure time and is also a great form of exercise for young and old. When it comes to getting your landscape area ready, here are some tips that should make it easier.

  • Clean out the flower beds. Some people tend to do this in the fall, before the snow, while others leave it until early spring. Either way, cleaning out your flower beds is one of the major landscaping tasks that needs to be done early.
  • Protect your lawn. Crabgrass can be a lawn killer in Canada and most homeowners will want to apply herbicides to their lawns to prevent this weed from growing.
  • Clean your patio. It is likely that you will be spending the majority of your time on or near your patio this summer. That makes cleaning it a priority. Clear out any clutter that has gathered over the winter months. Sweep and dust away the mess. It is also important to give the area a good washing so you can keep it looking its best.
  • Prune your trees. Pruning trees in the early spring is one of the major landscaping jobs that need to be done. We advise that you do it while the tree is dormant because this allows for quicker wound healing and less chance of disease settling in. It also creates a more healthy landscape appearance by removing any dead or hanging branches.
  • Spread mulch. Early spring is one of the best times to spread mulch over your flower beds and around trees in your yard. Opt for materials that take a little longer to break down like wood chips or composted organics. This will provide fertilizer for the long term.
  • Aerate/overseed. This process, which should be done every spring, allows your lawn to “breathe” and will lead to a healthier appearance in the summer. Aerating is important to alleviate the pressure your lawn has endured over the winter months, as snow has been packed down on top of it for a long time.

Essential Commercial Landscaping Tools

Creating an appealing landscape for your business can help attract new customers to your space. It not only offers an aesthetically appealing area, but it can also reflect your business values. A cared for landscape lets others know that you care about your property. It creates a welcoming environment. However, maintenance is key when it comes to spring care for your commercial space. Here are a few tools you will need for essential spring landscaping tasks.

1. Garbage bags: Winter can last a long time in Canada, and that can lead to a lot of garbage and mess that will need to be cleared away. This includes branches, litter, animal messes, and other items that are an eyesore for your commercial space.

2. Pressure washer: The winter months can be tough on patios, decks, and other outdoor areas. After you have cleared away the clutter that can clog up the space, it is important to sweep and wash it too. With regular cleaning, you can make your commercial property landscaping area look its best and last longer.

3. Pruning shears: Even if you’ve pruned the trees on your property in the fall, there may be some trees that still need it. Cutting away dead or dying branches can open up your space, creating a more welcoming feeling. It also adds to the overall landscaped look of your commercial property.

4. Lawn mower: Depending on the landscape needs of your commercial property, any grass that you have should be cut on a regular basis. Keeping it trimmed creates a well-cared-for appearance of your property and a more welcoming environment for customers and employees alike.

5. Edging tools: Ensure that your lawn edging has been touched up after the winter months. Often, a lawn can lose that manicured look underneath all the snow.

6. Gardening shears: If you have any flower beds on your commercial property, early spring is a good time to clean them up. Remove any dead plants to make way for new ones. Shear away parts of plants that may lead to growth problems.

7. Raking: In Canada, most businesses use salt and sand to keep walkways clear of snow and ice over the winter months. However, salt and sand can cause a problem for healthy soil. Make it a priority to rake away those areas where you applied salt and sand so that your grass and plants can grow.

8. Gloves: While they can come in handy for a variety of tasks, gloves are most useful when it comes time to weed your landscaped property. Removing these unsightly plants may be an ongoing battle, but it is an important element to creating a beautifully landscaped commercial property.

With the snow melting and Canadians coming back outside to enjoy our beautiful piece of nature, it is time to prepare our lawns, gardens, and commercial landscaped spaces. There are several things you can do now that will benefit your landscape over the summer months. This includes a general clean up, pruning trees and shrubs, and preparing your flower beds and grass for growth.

It is also important to schedule your regular landscape maintenance with professionals. Don’t forget to book your landscaping consultants early as they often get busy during the warmer months.

For more information about your landscaping requirements or needs or to book an appointment, call Peel Exterior Maintenance at 1-888-265-7214 or contact us here.

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